Another White Man Was Hired To Write A ‘Star Wars’ Series — On International Women’s Day

Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Pictures/Twitter/Getty Images

Disney and Lucasfilm announced on March 8 that a Star Wars live action TV series was officially in the works with Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau tapped to write and executive produce the program. Confused by the lack of confetti, sirens, and airhorns that tend to accompany this kind of an announcement? That's because fans aren't exactly celebrating the news that another Star Wars series will involve another white man behind the camera — let alone that the announcement happened on International Women's Day. The timing was likely unintentional on the part of the studios, and Favreau is simply the first name in a line of many that will be announced in the future. But fans are still upset.

"I couldn’t be more excited about Jon coming on board to produce and write for the new direct-to-consumer platform," said Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy in the announcement. "This series will allow Jon the chance to work with a diverse group of writers and directors and give Lucasfilm the opportunity to build a robust talent base."

But once the news broke, Star Wars fans flocked to Twitter to let the world know exactly how they felt about the letdown. Here are just a few of the many fan reactions from those who were hoping that the studios would give them a little more to be happy about in these early stages.

1. They're "Wifed Up"

BuzzFeed writer Alanna Bennett joked on Twitter that she admired the commitment Disney made to white men in general.

2. This Person Knew It Was A Bad Look

BuzzFeed Senior Film Reporter Adam B. Vary understood the decision to hire Favreau just as much as he knew the announcement coincidentally arriving on International Women's Day would raise eyebrows. Correctly, too.

3. "Forget I Said Anything"

HelloGiggles editor Rachel Paige was obviously tired of asking the same thing over and over again. Et tu, Star Wars?

4. One Fan Had A Better Idea

Imagine a world where a Leia-centric documentary created by a queer woman makes it onto streaming services on International Women's Day.

5. A Girl Can Dream...

"Maybe someday," wished one fan on Twitter, "A girl can dream."

6. Ryan Coogler, Anyone?

Okay, here's a hiring idea to get behind. Ryan Coogler for a new Star Wars, stat! The series doesn't have a director yet, so can that director be Coogler?

7. At Least One Person Was Conflicted About It

Favreau gradually moved from acting and directing in indies like 1996's Swingers to big-budget blockbusters like Iron Man and the upcoming Lion King remake. He played Monica's boyfriend Paul for a few episodes of Friends, and he also directed Elf. Clearly, he is a talented, capable director with an eye for comedy. It's not his fault he's another white guy.

8. When's His Turn?

Mark from Twitter is ready for his sequel.

9. This Person Is Trying To Be Optimistic

Just putting Favreau behind the lens of the new Star Wars show doesn't guarantee the project is a failure. He still has plenty of opportunity to staff the cast, crew, and writers' room with diverse hires that will more accurately reflect the breadth of Star Wars fans.

10. "Love The Timing Of This"


11. Let's Hope For A Diverse Crew

One fan was a little more pointed with their observation: After approximately "87" white men were given the opportunity to control Star Wars projects, they know there had better be a diverse crew in place to keep up their level of excitement.

Despite fan backlash, there hasn't been any more information about the Star Wars television series announced; apart from Favreau, it is not known who will co-write, co-produce, direct or star. The fans have the right idea, though: hopefully, the rest of the team is more diverse.