All The Stephen King Easter Eggs Hidden In 'It' You Probably Missed

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It isn't just a movie about a group of kids who band together to fight a shapeshifting monster who feeds on children and their fear, it's also a full on love letter to the mind of Stephen King. There are a few clever Stephen King Easter Eggs in It, paying homage to the iconic novelist and one of his best known books. While there certainly aren't enough Easter Eggs in It to make it part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are enough to make sure that the movie will have a deeper meaning for more observant fans.

Both It and the name of Stephen King have been synonymous with the horror genre for decades. King fans are passionate, and the fandom is no joke. This is, in part, due to the fact that many of King's novels and stories actually share a universe. For example, there were a few It Easter Eggs in this summer's adaptation of King's Dark Tower series, including a huge sign that read "Pennywise." However, It isn't too full of Easter Eggs, and it certainly does not include such an obvious reference to Dark Tower. Instead, the references in It are mostly to King's original text. The film is full of small details that are featured in the original book, ensuring that only true Steven King fans will recognize all the It Easter Eggs.

1. Happy Birthday Stephen King

Fun fact: King's novel was originally published in September, the same month as the release of the film, which also happens to be the month of King's birthday.

2. The Bradley Gang Shootout

The mural seen on the wall here appears to depict the Bradley Gang Shootout, which, according to Collider, is one of the Derry town tragedies linked to Pennywise.

3. The Turtle

It director Andy Muschietti confirmed that while the movie wouldn't be delving into the mythology of King's universe, Pennywise's history with his ancient nemesis, the Turtle, would appear as an Easter Egg. In an interview with Collider, the director revealed that there would be a brief reference to a turtle in one scene, as well as an appearance by a LEGO turtle.

4. Beverly March's Key

In the movie, Beverly March (second to the right above) can be seen wearing a key around her neck like a necklace. This detail doesn't really come into play in the film, but is actually somewhat important in King's original story.

5. Jackson Street

Filmmakers were very careful to get the smallest details right in this new King adaptation, even when it comes to street names. Here, you can clearly see the intersection of Jackson Street and Witcham Street, crossroads described in King's book according to Collider.

6. Pennywise The Werewolf

Pennywise turns into many different creatures as a manifestation of children's fears. In the film, Pennywise takes a few new shapes, but also stays true to a few of the classics from the book, like the werewolf.

7. Pennywise (1990)

In the background of one of the creepy, clown-filled scenes, eagle-eyed fans should be able to spot the 1990 version of Pennywise, brought to life in the miniseries by actor Tim Curry.

Something tells me that even with all the It Easter Eggs, fans will have a hard time getting over their screaming to really look for clues. But, that's probably what Stephen King would want.