You Can Buy An Entire Adorable 'Stranger Things' Candy Line Just In Time For Halloween

by Mia Mercado

You’ll have to wait until well after Halloween to binge season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things. (The next installment of the series is set to be released summer of 2019.) In the meantime, you can binge on new Stranger Things candy that will satisfy the appetite of Barb stans and demogorgons alike.

Candy company IT’SUGAR is to thank for satisfying your Stranger Things-specific sweet tooth. “Live from the Upside Down... our exclusive Stranger Things collection is here!” an Instagram post announcing the IT’SUGAR collection states. The range includes eight different products, including six different kinds of candies and two graphic t-shirts, all paying homage to everyone’s favorite spooky series.

If you’re wondering whether the 3 Musketeers—the candy used to feed Dustin’s demadog Dart in season 2—are included in the collection, the answer is no. You can get 3 Musketeers pretty much anywhere. If the kids’ taste in Stranger Things is any indication, could probably just shout “3 Musketeers” outside and someone will happily dump their old, stale chocolate bar on you. 3 Musketeers are not hard to come by.

The IT’SUGAR collection has Stranger Things candy you can’t come by just anywhere. (Or at least candy packaging you can’t come by anywhere.)

Let’s get into what you’re here for: the candy specifics. No Stranger Things collection is complete without some Eggo waffle reference. The IT’SUGAR collection has a 4.5 inch gummy waffle as an ode to everyone’s favorite numerically named character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. The maple-flavored gummy is shaped like an Eggo, complete with gummy butter. The back of the packaging reads “Not to be consumer by mouth breathers.” So, consume accordingly. There’s also gummy letters as a tribute to the iconic Stranger Things wall. Communication to the Upside Down not guaranteed.

If you saw the baby demogorgon and thought “I kinda want to eat that,” now’s your change. The collection includes a gummy baby demogorgon, though the packaging dubs it “My Little Pollywog.” The back of the package even includes instructions for how to care for your new little “pollywog,” stating that “nougat is essential to his diet” and implying that oops, it might eat your cat.

If you’re a freak for slime, you can eat that, too. Upside Down Slime looks like the gray goop from the Upside Down but tastes like sour apple candy. Maybe Barb is actually having the sour apple time of her life there?

Speaking of Barb, you can also buy a carton of malted milk balls which have a “missing” ad for our beloved bespectacled friend. “Our Stranger Things Milk Carton asks the question Barb’s friends and family never really cared enough to ask: Where is she?” the product descriptions states, accusingly. What’s it called when something is delicious but also so, so sad? Is there a German word for it?

A Stranger Things chocolate bar rounds out the collection from IT’SUGAR. It’s a combo of milk chocolate and gray-speckled white chocolate. “We heard it’s a favorite in the Upside Down next to Three Musketeer Bars,” the website states. You’ll have to decide for yourself which is you favorite.

Because this is a special edition batch of candy, they come at a special edition price. A six-pack of Whoppers will run you about $24 on Amazon, coming out to about $4 per 12 ounce carton. Barb’s Missing Milk Balls are $9.99 for a 7.25 ounce carton. The gummy waffle is significantly more expensive than your standard gummy snack with one costing you $10.99. (Do have to give some respect to the fact that the Eleven-themed candy costs $11, though.)

The Stranger Things candy collection is available both online and in stores. It looks like it’s selling out quickly with a handful of the products already on out of stock. So, you'll want to snag yours before they disappear into the Upside Down, people's stomachs, etc.