Target Just Launched A Sugar Plum Icee Flavor That Will Make You Drool


The holiday season is a time when sweets thrive. There's gingerbread cookies, gingerbread houses, pies, candy canes galore and sugar cookies coated in frosting and sprinkles. But this is a time that sugar plum really gets to ~shine~. Now thriving in the spotlight, Sugar Plum Icee flavor available at Target. Sugar plum is a flavor that's exclusive to the season and now also Target. At least when it comes to getting it in Icee form.

If you're unfamiliar with the candy, a sugar plum is not a sweeter version of the fruit. National Geographic explains, "a sugar plum is a comfit — that is, a seed, nut, or scrap of spice coated with a layer of hard sugar." You will most likely recognize them as majestically purple candies, sparkling in a coating of sugar. And now they're a festive swirl of fizzy flavor in your Icee cup next time you go to Target.

Enhance your holiday shopping experience by sipping on a sugar plum beverage. The sugary flavor will only be available for a limited time. Because the holiday season can't last forever and gingerbread cookies and candy canes must go wherever holiday treats go once January rolls around, neither will this Icee flavor. The sugar plum Icee will be available at Target until the end of Jan. 2019.

Getting your mitten covered hands on one of these drinks shouldn't be that hard. The flavor is available at more than 1,500 Target stores nationwide. Twitter is already beaming with joy that the flavor is home for the holidays. One Twitter user says, "This sugarplum icee tastes like bubblegum." Which, honestly, sounds devour-worthy. Another Twitter user swears, "I'm about to savor every drop." As we all should!

It's a whimsical concoction that only enhances the magical nature of the season. One sip and you could be transported to the North Pole even if you're surrounded by palm trees. Get to Target as soon as possible and take your taste buds on a sleigh ride of fantastical festivity.

If you're on the sugar plum train, it's not just an Icee that can fulfill your festive heart. Many items at Target feature the holiday treat. Just be warned, some of them aren't edible. If you're looking for your home to level up this season, make sure your home ~embodies~ a sugar plum. Allow the sugary holiday specialty to waft from room to room thanks to an array of home products.

At Target you'll find Glade Sugarplum Fantasies 3 Wick Candles so your holiday decor can literally be lit. If you need to freshen the air to cover the stench of a Grinch, there's the Glade Disney Sugarplum Fantasies Air Freshener Spray. And finally, if you'd just like sugar plum to float through the house at all times, just plug it in with the Glade Sugarplum Fantasies Plugins.

Engulf yourself in the holidays by way of sugar plum from dressing up your home with a festive scent to actually consuming it. Now is the time to dash over to your nearest Target and fill a cup with a sugar plum Icee.