The Summer Water Societé Delivers Rosé Straight To Your Door & It's Absolutely Genius

Is there anything you'd rather be doing at this very moment than drinking a bottle of rosé while reclining somewhere warm and sunny? I can't do anything to bring summer around any faster, but prepare to anticipate it even more than you already do. The Summer Water Societé, a wine subscription service launched earlier this month, promises to keep you supplied with rosé all summer long, and I am 100 percent ready for it. (I'm also ready for hot dogs and sunshine and trips to the beach. Can we fast forward to May already?)

"The first rule of the Societé is never run out of Summer Water," declares the service's website, which is a sentiment I'd say everyone can get behind. Like other subscription services, the Societé delivers a shipment of wine — in this case, the eponymous "Summer Water" rosé developed by wine company Winc — to your address every month. According to Refinery 29, this glorious subscription service is the result of a partnership between Winc and the founders of Yes Way Rosé, an Instagram account-turned-rosé brand. Members receive three magnum bottles (equivalent to six bottles of wine) with each delivery, along with a small gift item: first a hat, then a water bottle, and finally, a towel.

According to Winc, Summer Water is dry and crisp, with notes of "strawberry, pink grapefruit, and white peach." Deliveries take place in May, June, and July this year, so basically from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Overall, you'll receive nine 1.5-liter bottles of rosé over the course of the summer, which is equivalent to 18 regular bottles.

Before you race to sign up at Winc's website, know that like all things, membership in the Societé comes at a cost. A subscription is listed at $350, including complementary shipping, and since all purchases are final, you can't back out after you've signed up. So basically, it comes down to how much you value rosé — and how much value rosé takes up in your summer budget.

Either way, I believe this calls for a toast: to the approach of summer, bikinis, and drinking inadvisable amounts of chilled wine.