The 'Sweet Home Oklahoma' Cast Has Sweet Careers

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

I’ll be honest, I’m usually pretty skeptical of new Bravo reality series that aren’t a Real Housewives franchise. I’ve just been hurt too many times, you know? Summer House, Princesses: Long Island, and even the later seasons of Vanderpump Rules — these shows just don’t hold the same allure that the magical Real Housewives do. Even a bad season of Real Housewives is better than a good season of anything else. That being said, I’m quite excited for Sweet Home Oklahoma, which promises to be a look into the lives of a group of Okies who are defying what the public thinks of Oklahoma (conservative, flyover state, etc. etc). This group looks like a fun one, but it’s not a Bravo series without a little aspiration living — was is the Sweet Home Oklahoma cast's net worth?

Now, those websites that claim to tell you what celebrities are worth without listing any sources may not exactly be the most accurate on the planet (and how could they be, without bank statements or anything like that?), so I’m opting to do a bit of interview educated guessing on just how wealthy these new cast members are. Sleuthing is what the Internet is for, isn’t it?

Jennifer Welch

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

According to her Bravo profile, Jennifer Welch is “is an established commercial and residential interior designer” in Oklahoma City. She’s divorced from her ex-husband Josh (though that seems complicated, because they can be seen smooching in the previews for the show), and she has two children — Dylan, who is 14, and Roman, who is 10. Fun fact: she can also catch a pigeon with her bare hands because her dad was a pigeon trainer. Yes, really. Anyway, that’s all well and good, but let’s talk about the cash. According to Glassdoor, which compiles salaries from different cities, the average going rate for an interior designer in Oklahoma City is about $45,000 a year. It doesn’t specify if that’s commercial or residential, but since Jennifer does both, my guess is that she makes more than that. Probable net worth — not insane, but probably comfortable.

Josh Welch

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Jennifer’s ex-husband, Josh, was a former criminal defense attorney, according to Bravo, and that’s where he met their mutual friend Angie “Pumps” Sullivan — practicing law. Oklahoma City lawyers make an average of about $95,000 a year, according to Glassdoor, which is pretty nice change. Currently, it seems that Josh does photography, which may not be as lucrative, but pursuing a passion takes some guts.

Lee Murphy

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

A good pal to the Welch family, Lee is an Oklahoma City lifer. Born and raised there, she’s also raising two children of her own there, according to Bravo, and she’s built a nice career as a medical device sales representative. According to Glassdoor, this can bring in about $60,000 on the average, which is a nice salary. She’s also divorced, so this is a one-income household.

Angie "Pumps" Sullivan

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

We have another lawyer in our midst! Angie started things with a degree in elementary education, but she opted to go back to school (law school, that is) in her 20s to make her dream of becoming a lawyer a reality, according to Bravo. That's how she met the Welch family, and they've been buds ever since. Angie practices marriage and family law, and her salary is probably similar to what Josh used to make in criminal law (just short of $100,000) a year. She shares three children with her ex-husband, so it's safe to say Angie is a busy lady.

There you have a look at the cast of Sweet Home Oklahoma and the kind of cash they could be bringing in. They may never hit Lisa Vanderpump status (nor will most people ever in their lifetimes), but they seem comfortable and happy.