The 'Tangled' Sequel Has A Premiere Date & A Rom-Com Plot To Go With It — VIDEO


When we last left Tangled's Rapunzel she was getting ready to live happily ever after with Eugene, the man formerly known as Flynn Rider. But even Disney Princesses get cold feet. Tangled: The Series, which premieres March 24, catches up with Rapunzel in the years and years and years before she said yes to Flynn's proposal. Yes, in this Disney Channel series, Rapunzel is a fairytale Julia Roberts, who's trying to find herself before settling down for good. Hello, she did spend most of her life trapped in a tower so it's no surprise she may not want to be confined to another castle. But this isn't the only update we're getting to the Tangled story.

For those already confused about the timeline, Tangled: The Series will take place after the original 2010 movie, but before the 2012 short Tangled Ever After. It will also air after the new TV movie, Tangled Before Ever After, premiering March 10. With me still?

According to TVLine, in Tangled Before Ever After, Rapunzel is trying to live her best life, but is feeling the pressure from her dad. So, she runs off with a lady-in-waiting named Cassandra to find herself. While on the run, she finds some magical rocks that cause her blonde hair to grow back. (Remember, she was a bobbed brunette the last time we saw her.) Returning to her old look brings new responsibilities that Rapunzel needs to deal with.

With so many new responsibilities to worry about, it's no wonder that Rapunzel is getting a series all to herself. Think of Tangled Before After After as a primer for Tangled: The Series that will begin to put things in perspective. To put this in Julia Roberts rom-com terms, the new Disney Channel movie is Notting Hill, while the series is Runaway Bride.

The new series will also take place before Rapunzel says "I do" and follows her journey to independence. According to the show's stars, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, the show will focus on Rapunzel's relationships, including the one with her parents, who she had been kept away from for most of her life. "I feel like you get to know mom and dad a whole lot better," Moore said in a video from Disney Channel. "Because family is important."

What's also important is becoming your own person, and, in this series, Rapunzel gets a chance to become her own person. Not just Flynn's wife.