Target's New Collaboration Gives Back


While we still have a long way to go, we should feel good knowing that there are some parts of the fashion industry that are focusing on creating sustainably and ethically-made products. Target just launched a collaboration with Accompany, an online retailer that dedicates itself to selling and promoting ethical fashion, and every piece is so beautiful.

According to the brand's website, Accompany combs the globe for the coolest finds that are not only fashionable and beautifully designed, but also made from ethically sourced materials. Together, Target and Accompany have come together to create over 40 unique pieces that will be available online and in select stores for a limited time. Each piece is made by locals in India, Kenya, Guatemala, Ecuador, Turkey, or the USA, and reflects the human touch and special place of origin. You'll find things such as vibrant throws, jewelry, candles, bowls, tote bags, and more. Prices range from as low as $9 to $98.

These artisanal fair trade goods shine a light on the people creating them by hand, and in an industry where fast fashion reigns supreme, it's amazing to be able to recognize and celebrate the people behind these handmade goods. Each piece tells a story, so why not take the opportunity to share that story with the world? By helping these artisans, you'll help them continue their craft and create even more beautiful things.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection.

1. Dip Dye Tote


Target x Accompany Dip Dye Tote, $98,

This tote was made by women in the West Highlands of Guatemala.

2. Tagua Earrings


Target x Accompany Tagua Earrings, $32,

These fun earrings are made from Tagua, a hard palm tree nut and are created in Ecuador.

3. Oversized Sarong Scarf


Target x Accompany Oversized Sarong Scarf, $50,

This lightweight scarf, made in India, will be perfect for that summer breeze.

4. Pom Pom Mirror Keychain


Target x Accompany Pom Pom Mirror Keychain, $15,

Made is Jaipur, India, these keychains are the perfect accessory to add a little punch.

5. Herringbone Throw


Target x Accompany Herringbone Throw, $88,

Add a little extra color to your bedroom with this throw, weaved on a loom in India.