Get To Know The 'Tarzan & Jane' Voice Cast


Since Edgar Rice Burroughs first crafted the iconic Tarzan and Jane for his 20th century adventure novels, the characters have been brought to life through a handful of mediums, whether it be the popular 1999 Disney film, The WB’s short-lived TV show, or 2016’s live action take, The Legend of Tarzan. True to the revival craze, Tarzan and Jane will now get another chance on screen when Netflix’s animated kids series debuts on Jan. 6. The revamped tale takes on a modern spin, backed by the accomplished Tarzan and Jane voice cast.

While the classic story centers around a jungle boy who meets a beautiful young explorer, Netflix amps up its version with supernatural elements. Saved from a plane crash and gifted with miraculous powers, a teenage Tarzan ventures to a London boarding school, where he must adjust to the newfangled urban world. While there, he teams with a brave city girl named Jane, and together they work to solve environmental injustice and various mysteries. The majority of the project’s cast is only recognizable from their voice work, but chances are you’ve heard them somewhere. Before Netflix unveils Tarzan and Jane’s eight-episode first season, reacquaint yourself with the acting vets below.

Marci T. House As Angela

Marci T. House has appeared in a number of recognizable titles across her near-two decade career, including episodic stints on CW favorites like Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, and Supergirl. She’s perhaps best known for her recurring turns as Ruby Slotter on short-lived Western Strange Empire, Lieutenant Devore on fellow Netflix original iZombie, and Police Chief Jennifer Wells on Canadian procedural Motive.

Michael Dobson As Clayton (aka Mastermind)

An accomplished voice actor, Michael Dobson has lent his vocals to many an animated property. Most notably, he portrayed Blob in Disney’s X-Men: Evolution, Bulk Biceps in the My Little Pony franchise, and Queso in Sausage Party (2016).

Paul Dobson As Dr. Porter & Earl of Greystroke

Paul Dobson, Michael’s brother, has also carved a lengthy career behind screen. He’s voiced Juggernaut in X-Men: Evolution, Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes, and several characters from various Transformers series.

Omari Newton As Chief Wazari

Though Omari Newton’s name may not be immediately recognizable, his credits date back to 2000. He’s scored turns in Spike comedy Blue Mountain State, Showcase sci-fi Continuum, and, more recently, Fox’s X-Files revival. He also contributed voice work to Max Steel and Wolverine v. Sabretooth as Jefferson Smith and Black Panther, respectively. According to IMDB, he’s a writer, slam poet, and playwright, too.

Rebecca Shoichet As Jane

Like the Dobsons, Rebecca Shoichet is exclusively known for her voice acting. She’s done extensive work for anime titles including Inuyasha and Nana, as well as animated properties like Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes and My Little Pony, in which she’s also a featured singer.

Giles Panton As Tarzan & Jeremy

Giles Panton is another seasoned voice star, though he’s also popped up in The CW’s Reign, R.J.Cutler’s If I Stay (2014), and Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce. Voice-wise, he’s best known for portraying Ven-Ghan in Max Steel and Keith in Voltron Force.

Doron Bell As Muviro & Shaman

If you're an animation fanatic, you'll recognize Doron Bell's voice from titles like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (as Trenderhoof), George of the Jungle (as Big Mitch), and Class of the Titans (as Odie).

Kathleen Barr As Kala & Veronica

Like many of her castmates, Kathleen Barr is also a My Little Pony veteran, having voiced Trixie Lulamoon and Queen Chrysalis. She's also an alum of major franchises like Barbie, Care Bears, and Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch.

If you want to hear these stars in action, Tarzan and Jane hits Netflix on Jan. 6