'This Is Us' Cast Tries To Spell Milo's Last Name

Chris Haston/NBC

There's no denying that Milo Ventimiglia's last name presents quite the challenge. At first glance, you may think it's pronounced "Venti-mig-lia," but you couldn't be more wrong. If you just remember that the "g" is silent, then you will become a pro at saying his last name correctly. That said, can you spell it the right way? The This Is Us cast tried to spell Milo Ventimiglia's last name for E! News during the Season 1 finale red carpet on Tuesday, but it didn't really work out that well for quite a few of them.

Like the drama's creator, Dan Fogelman, many of Ventimiglia's co-stars struggle with the correct spelling of his last name. It's definitely not an easy one, but it certainly makes for the most entertaining spelling bee. As shown in the video, the "impromptu This Is Us spelling bee" stars off with Ron Cephas Jones, who misses quite a few letters. Justin Hartley tries to spell it out in the air with his finger, but that doesn't help him at all.

That said, a few cast members did spell it correctly, and even the This Is Us kiddos got in on the fun, which turned the whole bit into the cutest spelling bee ever. Actually, Hannah Zeile (she plays 15-year-old Kate) even brought some wisdom with her. For those who need a way to remember how to spell it, as Zeile said, "It's 'Venti', like the drink, and then 'miglia.'"

The This Is Us cast can even turn the spelling of Ventimiglia's last name into something heartwarming. They truly are super talented.

With that, I now award everyone who participated this gif of Randall that will never get old.