The 'Tidelands' Cast Brings A Wave Of International Talent To Netflix

Jasin Boland/Netflix

Netflix is premiering its first original Australian TV series on Dec. 14 and the Tidelands cast features a myriad of international talent, from Spanish actor Elsa Pataky to Aussie newcomer Charlotte Best to Brazilian star Marco Pigossi, all of whom are sure to make a splash in the new fantasy drama. According to the official press release from Netflix, Tidelands centers around Cal McTeer (played by Best), who returns to her hometown of Orphelin Bay after a stint in prison for a crime she committed when she was younger. After the body of a fisherman washes up on the shores of Orphelin Bay, however, Cal starts to investigate the deepest, darkest secrets that are lurking in her town, which includes a dangerous set of siren-like creatures called Tidelanders.

As an Australian series, it's not surprising that the bulk of the Tidelands cast comes from the land of Oz. While American fans might only be seeing these faces for the first time, most of the cast members have already launched successful careers in Australian television. Once Netflix helps these actors gain more international exposure, there's no telling how far they might go from here. Check out the stars of Tidelands below.

Charlotte Best as Calliope "Cal" McTeer

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Charlotte Best plays Cal, the main character of Tidelands who starts investigating the story's central plot. The 24-year-old Aussie actress has appeared on several TV series in her home country such as Puberty Blues and Home and Away, as well as a few Comedy Central sketches and American movies.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Best explained that since she was a kid, she's always been eager to try new things, which she suspects might have led her to acting. "I was very competitive," she began, "so I was the captain of lots of different things for two seconds. But when I got bored, I'd move on to the next thing. Maybe that's something to do with role-playing [different characters]."

Elsa Pataky as Adrielle Cuthbert

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The Fast and the Furious star Elsa Pataky decided to re-enter the acting world when she accepted the role of the mystical seductress Adrielle Cuthbert on Tidelands. The Spanish actor currently lives in Byron Bay, Australia with her husband, Chris Hemsworth, and their three children.

Pataky told The Daily Mail that the role came at exactly the right time in her life, but that not everything about shooting the series was a walk on the beach. Apparently, there was one scene that she found particularly difficult involving an altercation with a child. "It was hard," she said. "That scene was really hard for me, because you’d never do that to a kid, you know?"

Marco Pigossi as Dylan

Brazilian actor Marco Pigossi is having a big year at Netflix. According to an official press release, first he's making the leap to English-speaking TV playing the supporting role of Dylan in Tidelands. Next, he'll be starring in his own Brazilian series on the streaming service, Invisible Cities. Pigossi told Netflix that he was thrilled for the opportunity to take his career in new directions.

"This is a great moment for me, embracing the opportunity as an actor to live the plurality and creative challenges that a partnership with Netflix presents," Pigossi said. "To have this cultural exchange and film with actors and crew from different nationalities is a huge learning, even more knowing that people all around the world will watch the result."

Mattias Inwood as Corey Welch

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Mattias Inwood's career might have only just gotten underway in 2016, but he already has two substantial roles on his resume. First he appeared as Lorin, in the fantasy series The Shannara Chronicles. Next he played Richard Burbage in the TNT drama series Will.

Now, Inwood is Corey Welch in Tidelands. In the trailer, Corey is clearly wearing a police uniform and talking about the unusual things that are happening in Orphelin Bay. Since they're both investigating the same mysteries — and he's one of the only male characters not named McTeer — I'm going to venture a guess that he might wind up as a love interest for Cal at some point, too.

Aaron Jakubenko as Augie McTeer

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According to The Daily Mail, 29-year-old Jakubenko is playing a love interest for Pataky's character Adrielle — although bearing in mind that Adrielle is a magical siren makes me wonder whether this relationship won't be just a little bit one-sided.

Like Inwood, Jakubenko previously starred in The Shannara Chronicles, as well as the popular Aussie soap Neighbours. Netflix fans might also remember him as the gladiator-emperor Commodus in Season 1 of Roman Empire.

Dustin Clare as Pat McTeer

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Dustin Clare plays Pat McTeer on Tidelands. Based on the last name, it looks like he's another brother of Cal and Augie — and perhaps even another potential victim for the seductive Tidelanders.

Fans might already recognize Clare from his role as Gannicus in the TV series Spartacus, or as Sullivan Hill from Wolf Creek. He's also ventured onto the big screen with his recent role in Pacific Rim: Uprising in 2018.

Madeleine Madden as Violca

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Based on the trailer, it looks like Madeleine Madden's Violca is another of the enchanting Tidelanders, like Adrielle. But it also looks like she's not content with the status quo, as she gets scolded for asking "dangerous" questions.

Madden's had a busy year in the world of Australian TV, with roles in Pine Gap, Mystery Road, and Picnic at Hanging Rock. After Tidelanders, she already has a film in pre-production called Maestro, per her IMDB page, but there's no release information for the film just yet.

At the moment, Netflix hasn't yet announced whether or not it'll be bring back Tidelands for a sophomore season. It could potentially be a few more months until the news is released. But whether or not they decide to go back to Orphelin Bay, it doesn't look like the cast of Tidelands is getting ready to leave the small screen any time soon.