The Transcript Of Trump's Afghanistan Speech Introduces An Entirely New Strategy

President Trump addressed the nation on Monday night regarding Afghanistan and the United States' ongoing military presence in the Middle Eastern nation. As the transcript from Trump's Afghanistan speech, held at Arlington, Virginia's Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, laid out, the president announced that he was not going to talk about number of troops or time on the ground in Afghanistan. Instead, he said he will make decisions based on conditions in the nation and will also put greater emphasis on Pakistan.

President Obama began to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in 2011, and had initially called for all American troops to be removed from the country by September 2012. That timetable was obviously slowed over the next few years, but the president was still whittling down the number of troops in the country year after year until his exit from office. Now, Trump is proposing that the country stop focusing so heavily on time tables, and instead make decisions based on the challenge at hand in that moment.

Whether or not the public agrees with the president's new strategy has yet to be seen. Trump's approval numbers are disastrous: he currently has a 37 percent approval rating, and his actions in the last week regarding his flip-flopping responses to the violence in Charlottesville did not help bolster the public's opinion of his competence or character as president. However, his speech on military strategy gave him an opportunity to begin to promote unity as opposed to division in America.

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Here's the full transcript of what Trump said Monday night.