The Transcript Of Trump's Super Bowl Interview Makes The Key Goal Of His Administration Clear


The Super Bowl may be the biggest event of the weekend, but Donald Trump's second presidential interview is definitely number two. During his brief sit down with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, Trump advertised some of his upcoming political agenda, providing some valuable insight into what the White House’s next actions might be. Trump's pre-Super Bowl interview transcript is a strong confirmation that foreign policy is going to continue to be the biggest priority of his administration.

The interview highlights include Trump's assertion that past American leaders were "killers" just like Vladimir Putin, an update on the Iran nuclear deal, and the proposed but troubled southern border wall. Trump didn’t introduce anything particularly new or shocking during the interview, choosing mostly to focus on campaign promises that he’s planning to make reality in the coming months. While there’s a growing movement from the political left not to react to these promises much, it’s still important to remember that each of Trump’s policy proposals needs to be considered independently and fairly. Even if he’s already said it’s what he’s going to do, people are justified in freaking out about the border wall and the relationship with Russia. The interview is a reminder to hold Trump accountable, because even if he’s keeping his promises, they’re not necessarily good promises to begin with. Read the transcript below for more fuel for your resistance.

Trump's interview is an action plan for anyone who wants to figure out how to resist his problematic policies. Trump himself has been critical of American leaders' tendency to give away plans to the enemy, but now he's doing the exact same thing himself. The transcript should give you some pointers to figure out how to protest objectionable components of his upcoming agenda, so read carefully and start strategizing.