The Transcript Of Trump's UNGA Speech Lays Out His "America First" Approach On The World Stage

Back in his hometown of New York for only the second time since becoming president, Donald Trump addressed the international community at the United Nations on Tuesday. The transcript of Trump's U.N. General Assembly address shows that the speech heavily featured Trump's idiosyncratic rhetorical style and unrelenting nationalism.

This was Trump's first time addressing the General Assembly of an organization that he has bashed numerous times over the years. He spoke for some 40 minutes, laying the architecture for a nationalistic foreign policy vision built on sheer confidence. In one of the most striking moments from his speech, Trump warned that "we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea" if the regime continues to launch ballistic missile tests and threaten the U.S. and East Asia.

According to BBC News journalist Paul Danahar, there was an audible gasp inside the U.N. media center when Trump made that threat. He also called Kim Jong-Un "Rocket Man," repeating the nickname for the North Korean leader that he first debuted on Twitter over the weekend.

Trump didn't really announce any new proactive foreign policy initiatives, but the speech served to reinforce his general attitude toward the global community. Trump demands followers, who are loyal in both ideology and action. He sees the world in black and white, the good guys and the bad guys, and there's little room for radical rethought of world affairs. Reach the full transcript below to make your own judgement of Trump's address.