'Valerian's Final Song Couldn't Be More Fitting

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, out July 21, may have a complicated plot, but one thing is for sure: visually, at least, it's one epic film. The special effects in Valerian are pretty amazing, and not only that, but Rihanna is in the movie, playing a shape-shifting alien who's fallen victim to Ethan Hawke's character's evil clutches. The film won't just be a visually stimulating event, however, as the end credits song in Valerian, "A Million On My Soul" by Alexiane, is equally as futuristic as the film's intergalactic setting.

The first trailer for Valerian featured "Because" by The Beatles, which was the perfect choice considering its eerie, etherial sound. "A Million On My Soul", however, is a little bit darker and more intense. Its lyrics are also especially significant considering the movie's themes, and the first lines of the chorus are:

I got a million on my soul
I go build an army on my own

Which makes sense, since Valerian is about fighting an evil, destructive force in a multi-planet city called Alpha. Alexiane continues to sing,

They put a bounty in my soul
Won't you leave me alone more
Oh, leave me alone more
I gotta be a man, I gotta be a man
Won't you leave me alone more

Pretty interesting considering that Valerian's second trailer opens with Valerian (Dane DeHaan) insisting that he bring his partner, Laureline (Cara Delevingne), on the mission to Alpha. "I only work with my partner, we're a team," he says. Perhaps the credit song's lyrics insisting on being alone and being a man indicate that Valerian's team will fall apart and the mission becomes a solo one.

In the same trailer, Laureline smugly says, "I taught him how to do that." I am personally hoping that the duo sticks together because they have a bad-ass dynamic with a lot of sexual tension. And speaking of which, it's a little surprising that no Rihanna songs from Valerian have been released, but Alexiane's electronic song with a heavy beat and futuristic sounds is pretty perfect for the film.

Sadly there's no real Rih Rih singing action in the film, just dancing, but either way, Valerian is certainly an epic event for all the senses.