This Tool Will Lead You To The Winged Eyeliner Promised Land

One of the toughest makeup looks to master is winged eyeliner or the cat-eye flick. The degree of difficulty is due to the fact that you have to keep a steady hand and match the lines on opposite eyes. I've only just happened upon The Vavavoom Vamp Stamp, an applicational tool that literally stamps that often hard-to-draw wing onto your eye. Vamp Stamp, where have you been all my life?

I do winged liner all the time — usually with (yet not limited to) felt-tip eyeliner pens but sometimes with gel and an angled or thin-tipped brush. I can confirm that practice almost makes perfect. Not every day is an awesome eyeliner day, though. Some days, my wing looks flawless AF. But there are others when I am too heavy-handed or I try and get fancy and end up drawing a too-thick flick, which throws the entire angle off.

I simply deal with it, telling myself that there is always makeup remover tonight and the possibility of an improved flick tomorrow.

But after obsessively watching The Vavavoom Vamp Stamp tutorial and pouring through the brand's Instagram, it looks too easy. This tool and I are meant to be... when it's eventually restocked!

The Vamp Stamp comes in two sizes — Vavavoom Medium and Vavavoom Large. Both iterations are sold out.

In the meantime, I am "oohing" and "aahing" over The Vavavoom Vamp Stamp.

Basically, you dip The Vamp Stamp in a pot of gel eyeliner. Stamp your outer corners with the wing. Connect liner applied along your upper lashline to the wing, fill it in, and BOOM! You. Are. Done.

This is the medium wing, which has that sexy, kittenish effect.

This is the large, which I prefer for statement eyes that are all like "Wowza!"

The Vamp Stamp, $25,

You can order the stamp now and it will ship when product is restocked, per the description on the brand's site.

VINK Eyeliner Ink + VERGE Angle Brush, $20,

The inky liner and angeled brush were formulated to work with the Vamp Stamp.

Guys, I think I just found my new makeup BFF. I am always looking for new ways to do black eyeliner and new tools to create a killer flick and I am coveting The Vamp Stamp.