Watch This 'Vanderpump Rules' Episode If You Miss The Classic Season 1 Drama

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Tom, Jax, and Brittany in the 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 8 finale.
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Are we back in 2012? The Vanderpump Rules Season 8 finale certainly made it feel like it. From the staff photoshoot to everyone fighting for different reasons at a party — some for no reason at all — the episode was the epitome of old school Pump Rules, when Jax and Stassi were fighting in SUR's back alley about their doomed relationship. The gang may have moved the drama to TomTom and each upgraded in some way, but it also felt like nothing has changed at all. Shall we count the ways?

The Photoshoot

Lisa's Hollywood Reporter photoshoot harkened back to the SUR photoshoots of yore, when Jax, Stassi, and the rest of the cast would bare it all in the name of one Sexy Unique Restaurant. This time, the shoot included staffers from all of Lisa's properties — including mini-Scheana of Vanderpump Vegas — but in formal uniforms rather than bikinis. A true glow-up.

Jax's T-Shirt Meltdown

During said photoshoot, Jax tried to get away with donning a blue navy button-up instead of the SUR uniform he was instructed to wear, simply because...well, he's Jax. His ego trumps all rules and directions.

James Apologizing


DJ James Kennedy is always saying sorry to someone (and for good reason). The latest stop on his apology tour was Randall, who he previously called "a fat man" who Lala "f*cks for rent." Luckily, Randall was very receptive to James' apology, and even invited him to his and Lala's wedding. Maybe he'll wind up DJing the reception.

The Friendship Drama

While Jax and Tom Sandoval were fighting about their competing pool parties (yes, we are 10 years old again), Stassi, Kristen, and Katie were having it out over Kristen's inability to break up with Carter. Swap him for Sandoval and it may as well be Season 1.

All parties decided to take a break from their respective friendships, but on Vanderpump, even the most egregious behaviors always end up forgiven. If Sandoval and Stassi can get past Kristen and Jax sleeping with each other behind their backs, this too shall pass.

SURvers Fighting at Work

Mini-Scheana of Vanderpump Vegas got a little too tipsy and inserted herself into Ariana and Stassi's talk (despite barely knowing them). Danica saw this from across the room and, as many a SURver has before, also inserted herself, leading to a heated showdown that ultimately prompted Lisa to kick her out for causing a fight at her restaurant. As Kristen point out, she's been down this road with management before, and it's not a wise one to go down.

Dayna and Max's Patio Fight

Dayna and Max's fight at the back of TomTom was taken straight out of the Stassi and Jax playbook — they just happened to be in TomTom's posh patio instead of SUR's alley.

Tom and Tom Kissing... Again


The exquisite portrait of Sandoval and Schwartz kissing is the true centerpiece of TomTom, so of course they had to recreate it for the restaurant's one-year anniversary. In case you cared, Sandoval's lips are softer than the last time they kissed, according to Schwartz.

Jax Thinking 'Pump Rules' Is His Show

Pump Rules broke the fourth wall when Jax told Lisa that his friendships were some of the most important things in his life, and the reason that "his show" was successful. It's oddly reminiscent of the time Jax announced that he was the number one guy in the group, not Sandoval. Clearly he still thinks he is.

Lisa Having Absolutely None Of It

Lisa, however, very quickly set him straight, given that the show is, well, named after her. "It's actually my show, OK, and I put your ass on it," she told him. "So don't f*cking be disrespectful to me."

Two things are clear: the cast of Vanderpump Rules will never change, and Lisa Vanderpump will always be the number one guy in their group.

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