This Vera Wang & Ladurée Wedding Cake Collab Is Your Actual Fairy Tale Come To Life

by Crystal Duan
Vera Wang for Ladurée

We frequently see celebrities partnering with designers, but do we ever see desserts partnering up with designers?

Now we can. Because for the first time ever, a patisserie and a fashion connoisseur are teaming up! Designer Vera Wang is releasing a whole line of wedding cakes inspired by her bridal gown designs. The baker in question? Straight out of France, it's Ladurée, which is famous worldwide for its quality pastries.

Hopefully this is a start of a new delicious trend. It's not common, but collabs with retailers have already happened. Ladurée already famously teamed up with Christian Louboutin in 2009, when the shoe designer created gift boxes for the patisserie. The boxes were adorned with jewels and were quite a sight, but wait until you see what Vera and co. has up their sleeves for this 2018 collaboration, almost 10 years later.

You also won't have to jet off to Paris to purchase the cakes — the limited edition collection will be displayed in Ladurée's New York locations (Madison Avenue and Soho) from January 10 to 26.

They have been featured in films such as Marie Antoinette, where the quote, "let them eat cake," took on a whole new meaning with the luxurious foods on display for all to see.

I mean, seriously. All cakes aside, take a look at those treats from the movie though...

And this...

Now for a look at the Vera Wang cakes.

Vera is in the market for helping design, among other tasty treats, a "coconut crème chantilly macaron along with a mango and coconut wedding cake."

Vera Wang for Ladurée

It sure looks yummy. There's also the individual cakes, that are very mini.

Vera Wang for Ladurée

They are all so scrumptious, right?

This one is a full size cake that is customizable with white or black ribbon.

Vera Wang for Ladurée

And last, but not least, there are some macarons to top it all off:

Vera Wang for Ladurée

Vera Wang's cakes will be available for special order throughout 2018. Individual cakes (smaller portions for us single folks) are 20 dollars each, while full-sized (so yes, wedding) cakes are $20 per guest, with a minimum of at least 40 guests.

Macarons will be available while stock lasts and come in different sizes. You can purchase either a box of six ($24), a small box of 45 ($166), medium box of 80 ($275), or a large box of 125 ($425). All in all, not too bad. If you want to eat like a queen.

Ladurée currently has eight locations in the U.S. — two in New York, three in LA (including one literally minutes from my house), two in Washington, D.C. and one in Miami Beach.

They are primarily based in Paris, though. Founded in 1862, this patisserie actually invented the macaron that we all know and love. It came from Italy when Queen Catherine de’ Medici of Italy brought what was known as the macaron shells to France in the 16th century, but a Ladurée baker was the one who stuck two macaron shells together and used creamy ganache as filling. Over the past 150 years imitators have tried to duplicate the delicacy, but no one has come close to the real thing. We're not the only ones who love them!

Besides Marie Antoinette, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl also loves Ladurée's macarons.

So does the prince of Monaco, who had some at his 2011 wedding.

According to their site, Ladurée is currently working on launching an e-commerce website, so for those who don't live in Ladurée cities, you'll be able to order their delicious pastries soon. In the meantime, you can visit their mini e-commerce shop, run through Goldbely.

Goldbely features Ladurée's boxes of macaron chocolates for $16 and even scented candles for $62. Their most gift-worthy choice is their (currently sold out) "coffret louise," which sells for $110 and contains a dark chocolate bar, 12 assorted marshmallows, 12 crispy hazelnut chocolates, and some Ladurée jam.

Can I say this patisserie is indeed, mac-nificient?