'The Voice' Contestant Quizz Swanigan Is The Youngest Battle Winner Ever

Tyler Golen/NBC

As the second hour of The Voice plowed forward on Monday night, the competition grew steadily more heated. Every battle became a nail-biter and every win became bittersweet. Such was the case with 13-year-old powerhouse Quizz Swanigan, whose battle on The Voice confirmed that though he is the youngest, he is a formidable contestant. Don't be fooled by Swanigan: he's determined to show the coaches and his fellow Voice contestants that "age ain't nothing but a number," as he puts it.

Swanigan came through to clinch a win during his battle on Monday night. With a performance that matched his teammate and competitor Felicia Temple in both soulfulness and vocal mastery, Swanigan met every challenge she presented him as sang his way to a big victory. The two members of Team Alicia sang the David Guetta/Sia hit, "Titanium," and showcased their respective prowess for R&B music in the process.

Before the magic happened onstage, both Swanigan and Temple had to prove themselves worthy during rehearsals. Swanigan struck up a quick friendship with Team Alicia advisor DJ Khaled thanks to his flashy jacket. That jacket was a kind of indicator of his vocal pizzazz, which he used to then blow both Khaled and coach Alicia Keys away. While Swanigan had to be coached a little more than Temple during rehearsals, every time he incorporated Keys' and Khaled's notes seamlessly, he earned their appreciation.

Both Swanigan and Temple sang their hearts out on "Titanium." It was a breathtaking battle on The Voice and there's no doubt that it will live on as a highlight for the battle rounds of this show. Swanigan earned most of the praise when the song came to an end with most coaches amusingly pointing out that he was the youngest ever Voice contestant and — bonus — he was singing at the level of a seasoned performer.

That power and maturity nudged Keys over into Swanigan's camp and she ended up choosing him during the battle. Swanigan was shocked that he was chosen. He should get used to winning big; he's a star in the making.