The Watermelon Dress Trend Will Give You Pure Summer Vibes

There are plenty of fashion forward trends to try during the summer, but did you ever think to wear a watermelon slice like a frock? The newest watermelon dress trend will make you want to take a giant bite out of your outfit, but before you think you're going to be wearing melon slices sewed onto your clothes, it's not exactly that. It's the newest trend going viral on social media, and after seeing everyone's creative takes you'll probably want to try it out yourself with your next melon purchase.

The idea behind the trend is pretty easy: You take a watermelon slice and fashion it into a dress silhouette, then place it over your subject (with them in the background,) making them look like they're wearing the frock. But before you think it's just as easy as strategically chomping on the slice a few times to make an archaic-looking skirt, it's a lot more creative than that (though the nibbling works, too — there's no wrong way to do it!) People have created all sorts of shapes and styles, getting elaborate with their looks. "Some cut their bright pink fruit into the silhouette of a trendy frock, others simply stick to the classic triangle shape. Others have personalized their watermelon apparel with sweetheart necklines and ballet tutus, and a few fashionistas have opted for watermelon shift dresses and even jumpsuits," Allure reported. You can get as elaborate as you want.

Just in case you're at a barbecue or just enjoying a bowl of sliced fruit today, here are some different silhouettes that people have fashioned to get you thinking of your own submission:

1. The Sweetheart Mini

If you want to give off some retro date vibes, step out in a watermelon sweetheart mini this Saturday night!

2. The Princess Sleeve

Or if you want a more Renaissance, regal vibe, then this classic fairy tale princess silhouette would be right up your alley.

3. The RompHim

What better way to test drive the RompHim than with a watermelon slice?

4. The Ball Gown

If you're looking for something a little more Oscars inspired, then look no further than the ball gown. So couture.

5. The Baby Dress

You know that kiddie sizes are included, too!

6. The Fit & Flair

If you like a skirt with a little more volume, then this silhouette is very much in your style.

7. Decorate With Seeds

You might as well use those little black seeds to your advantage and turn them into stylish details.

There are just so many variations — grab a slice yourself this weekend and try it out!