Hyatt Is Getting Political In Its Latest Ad

by Kayla Hawkins

Hyatt Hotels decided to get a little political in their first big ad campaign after the 2016 election, by making a statement in their 2017 Oscars ad about how travel goes hand in hand with accepting people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Underscoring the important message about inclusiveness and differences in the Hyatt commercial was a cover of "What the World Needs Now Is Love" that will be kicking off the brand's "For a World of Understanding" ad campaign during the Oscars ceremony. The cover of the Hal David and Burt Bacharach song, most iconically performed by Dionne Warwick, was adapted by Andra Day for the commercial.

Also noted — this is the first major brand-related ad you'll see from the hotel chain in years, according to AdAge, because the chain decided that this message was important enough to make a part of their entire company, rather than pinning the "World of Understanding" to just one part of their company. The biggest trend in advertising right now seems to be making a statement about how corporations are committed to doing business with everyone. And the song underlines this message perfectly, with Day's vocals echoing her similarly inspirational performance in her hit song "Rise Up."

And, in addition to the version of the song playing underneath the ad, there's also a full version the Grammy-nominated Day released to her YouTube page that you can listen to now.

In the darkest days of 2017, it's nice to know there are still some inspirational moments we can all look to.