The ‘Why Women Kill’ Trailer Will Make Husbands Think Twice Before Cheating

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They say that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," which certainly seems to be the general theme surrounding the trailer for Why Women Kill — a new CBS All Access series that already looks to die for, quite literally.

The series follows the lives of three women living in three different decades — though, interestingly, all of the stories take place inside the same house. There's the '60s housewife played by Ginnifer Goodwin, the '80s high-brow, socialite portrayed by the fabulous Lucy Liu, and a modern-day lawyer played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste. All three of these women are dealing with three very different marriages, but their husbands do share one vital thing in common: infidelity. The husbands are played by Sam Jaeger, Jack Davenport, and Reid Scott, but really it's their female costars that steal the spotlight.

Given that each woman is from a different point in time, the ways they choose to handle their husbands' indiscretions are very different, though the betrayal definitely makes them think a few murderous thoughts along the way. Whether or not they choose to act on those notions is a completely different story; however, it is worth noting that the trailer does include a dead body getting rolled out on a stretcher. The body is covered with a white sheet, so there's no telling who exactly the deceased may be, but if looks alone could kill, all three of these men would be deader than doornails by now.

Death isn't the only theme of the 10-episode series, though. The trailer also teases a world with plenty of steamy sex scenes to go around all across the board. In fact, Goodwin's character initially intends to use it as a way to regain some power in the relationship and prevent her husband's eyes from continuing to stray elsewhere. "I've decided not to say anything," Goodwin's character tells her friend after learning that her husband was having an affair with a waitress. "I'm just going to work harder at being a good wife."

Cut to Goodwin showing up to the dinner table completely naked, which absolutely has the intended effect of catching her husband's attention. Later on in the clip she can also be seen, uh, attending to her husband's needs in the shower. Needless to say, this is a side of Goodwin many have never seen before and a far cry from her Snow White days in ABC's Once Upon a Time. But, much like a hot pink '80s-style print on Liu, dark comedy looks good on Goodwin and shows off her impressive range as an actor.

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Do her character's efforts of sexual prowess ultimately lead to the outcome she's looking for? Viewers will just have to tune in on Aug. 15, when the series premieres, to see how all of these various storylines play out. But considering the rather telling title of the show, there's only one way this thing can really end, right?

After all, it's not called Why Women Divorce or Why Women Leave Their Husbands, it's called Why Women Kill, and it's guaranteed to make all husbands out there think twice before cheating.