This Badass Feminist Clothing Collection Was Made For Your Next Protest

Courtesy Wildfang

There are tons of great fashion collaborations on the market. Celebrities team up with brands and there's more than enough merch to go around, but the best ones are a true meeting of the minds to inspire radical change. Combining art and expression together into one, Wildfang and Obey have teamed up for a Rise + Riot clothing collection that will help you fight the system in style. Each piece embraces activism and social awareness into one wearable item, and you're going to want them all.

This seven piece collection is epic for a few reasons. First off, it's the first cut and sew collaboration Obey has ever done with a women's brand, meaning it was customized on fabric and not just screen-printed. The other is that is perfectly embodies the street style movement happening right now. But perhaps the biggest reason of all are the brands.

Wildfang is a feminist brand, but not in that they just make quirky saying on shirts. The queer-owned brand bend the rules of gender with every single design and have actually donated $75,000 through their designs in the past year alone. Similarly, Obey is all about inclusion and expression, with some intense anarchist roots. Both brands shape their designs around what is going on in the world — not the other way around like most.

Like the name Rise + Riot suggests, the line was inspired to show how people feel one year after the women's movement without having to say anything at all. Wildfang and Obey have come together to feature hand signs in their collection. According to the press release, shaka, peace, middle finger, heart, and fist were at the center of the design, so your clothing can come to life.

“With the coming anniversary of the Women's March, we wanted to represent the feelings we were all having in that moment and still have a year later, a mix of anger and hope," Wildfang creative director Taralyn Thuot said in a press release. "What it felt like to come together as women and raise our voices against issues that impact our lives and our future.”

Courtesy Wildfang

OBEY X WF Vintage Lester Tee, $40, Wildfang

The collection is filled with six different items — three shirts, a hat, pair of trousers, and jacket. Basically, you can get a full head-to-toe look to come together and get angry. Prices range from $38 for the hat to $88 for the jacket. The shirts ring in at $40 and $50.

The clothing is appealing to just about everyone. Each piece effortlessly combines street style and political and social climate of the moment. People are mad, and they want to show it — and not just through ranting social media posts. The styles are extremely fluid and the sizing ranges from extra-small to extra-large.

Courtesy Wildfang

OBEY X WF Custom Box Tee, $40, Wildfang | OBEY X WF Salvage LS Tee, $50, Wildfang

Ready for the best part? Wildfang is currently running a sale where you can buy one shirt and send one of their famous Wild Feminist shirts to a friend who needs to hear the message. The deal even works on the the brand new Wildfang x Obey Rise + Riot Collection. So there's truly never been a better time to shop.

Courtesy Wildfang

OBEY X WF Custom Box Tee, $40, Wildfang

The deal also works for any other T-shirt on the website. You can stock up on anything — including sale items — and get to spread the Wildfang word.

Plus if you order now, you'll also be able to wear them just in time for the Women's March on Saturday, Jan. 20. Because what better way to wear the Rise + Riot Collection than to actually rise and riot?