Christmas Is Coming To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Summer may be ~on the wind~, but because we always want what we don't have, now is the perfect time to begin daydreaming about Christmas. The folks at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida definitely know this - why else would they have chosen this week to announce that Christmas is coming to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Yes, that's right, beginning in November, the coziest, most magical time of year in a canon that, admittedly, is cozy and magical year-round will become reality. In a recent promotional video, Michael Aiello, Senior Director of Entertainment at Universal Studios, walked Potterheads through the four-part holiday celebration. Here's what we know so far: yes, Hogsmeade will be done up, with decorations, live entertainment, and meals inspired directly by the books (if I don't get some Christmas freaking pudding or roast turkey, I will scream, I promise you). Perhaps the best part of Hogsmeade's set-up, though, will be the view of Hogwarts. Using projection mapping and special effects, the school promises to give your uncle who lives in Florida and syncs his Christmas lights to a radio station a run for his money.

LOL just kidding, the best part is definitely the food.

Mince pies, Butterbeer, treats from Honeydukes - you are also on my list.

Christmas will also be coming to Diagon Alley, with each storefront promising a unique holiday display. Who do you think will have the best display? Obviously Wizard Weezes will be bringing it, but I urge you not to sleep on Ollivander's. That dude seems to have some tricks up his sleeve HA sorry nope I'm done.

No word yet on whether the enchanted sky will sprinkle enchanted snow on my enchanted face, where I can purchase a classic Weasley ugly sweater, or what the total count of Christmas trees will be.

Additionally, there's been no information on whether everyone's favorite dramatic dance, the Yule Ball, will be at all in play this.

Whatever, I'm wearing ballgown anyway.