The World's Biggest Bath Bomb Was 2,000 Pounds — And It Turned A Pool Into A Fizzy Spa

When it comes to bath bombs, bigger is always better, where you want to sit in a tub full of swirling color, relaxing scents, and maybe even a healthy dose of glitter. But what would the world's biggest bath bomb look like, and would it be too much of a good thing? The YouTube channel Vat19 set out to find out, creating a 2,000 pound bath bomb and dropping it into a pool.

If you haven't heard of them before, Vat19 explores "curiously awesome" gifts, candy, toys, puzzles, games, and everything in between. They do everything from producing challenge videos, to blowing things up, to creating interesting contraptions — and filling up a pool with weird substances isn't anything new to them. For example, they recently made a pool-sized bowl of marshmallow cereal, just for the hell of it. But for those who love bath bombs and spend half of their salary at Lush, this is going to be like watching heaven unfold.

The experiment started when the creators noticed that a small bath bomb could turn an entire bathtub black. And they wondered just how big a bomb would need to be if it would want to turn an entire swimming pool a different color. It turns out that the answer is: huge.

While it sounds hilarious, a lot had to go into it in order to create it. First off, they had to create a mold big enough to make the actual bath bomb, and they achieved that by using fiber glass and molding it into a circular shape. Next up, the group bought 31 50-pound bags of materials, which were corn starch, citric acid, and baking soda.

If you have ever watched a bath bomb DIY video, this is a whole other experience when compared to that. Those videos make you feel like you're in a beauty lab, sifting baking soda into small circular molds, and mixing them with lavender and rose scents, accompanied with pretty dyes.

This, on the other hand, was industrial. Think of corn starch in construction buckets, mixer drums blending the ingredients, and dyes coming out of spray hoses.

To create 2,000 pounds worth of fizzing goodness takes a lot of work, and they had to repeat the process around six times in order to fill up the whole circular mold. Afterwards they let it bake in the sun for a full day, and then went back in the morning to cut off the mold like a cast of a broken arm.

The end result was the mother of all bath bombs. Prepare to be amazed!

And as you can imagine, rolling it into the pool was an experience. The moment it hit water, it started to fizz, spin, and break apart, and everyone jumped in to play with the bubbling water that was turning into a milky purple.

It's interesting to see just how large a bath bomb needs to be in order to fill up a pool with its color, and it might just spoil us now for the regular-sized ones we buy. Can a fist-sized bath bomb ever be enough now?

If you're still game to try normal-sized fizzers, Vat19 recommended trying out the Black Abyss bath bomb, which is what inspired this experiment.

This particular product is a pretty mix of purple and green, and will leave your bathwater dyed a nearly-opaque shade of black. While it might feel like you're sitting in an oil spill, your skin will appreciate the shea butter and Dead Sea salt released from it, and you'll feel nice and relaxed in its floral scent.

Whether they're dining table sized or just a few ounces, we can all agree bath bombs are the absolute best.