7 Theories About Euron's Gift On 'GoT'

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

We live in an age of extravagant marriage proposals. So, when Euron Greyjoy thought he could just walk into King's Landing on Game of Thrones and propose to a queen seated on the Iron Throne empty-handed, I let out a resounding, audible scoff. But, Euron didn't take "no" for an answer after Cersei rejected his proposal. He said, "The surest way to a woman’s heart is a gift. A priceless gift. I won’t return to King’s Landing until I have that for you." Well, what is is this surprise gift, anyway? What is Euron giving Cersei on Game Of Thrones?

Whatever it is, Cersei may not like it very much. According to The Independent, the synopsis for Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3, "The Queen's Justice," states, "Cersei returns a gift." This could hint that Cersei is getting her gift from Euron in Episode 2, "Stormborn," airing Sunday, July 23.

While the gift unveiling may be just around the corner, Game Of Thrones fans can't help doing what they do best: Speculate. Though, I prefer the term, "theorize." So, what are the best guesses for the gift Euron plans to woo Cersei with? She doesn't seem to be a candy, flowers, or jewelry type of girl. So, here are the best theories about Euron's gift. Hint: They're mostly revenge related.

Ellaria Sand

Cersei literally mapped out her enemies in the first episode of Season 7, so having one of them handed to her would probably be Cersei's idea of a grand romantic gesture. A Newsweek article theorized that Euron would give Cersei Ellaria Sand as a part of his proposal, because Ellaria is responsible for killing Cersei's daughter Myrcella.

Major spoiler alert! The Newsweek piece also explained that spoiler photos, originally reported on Watchers on the Wall, were shot of Euron parading Ellaria, Ellaria's daughter Tyene, and Yara Greyjoy in chains through King's Landing. These images support the Ellaria-as-a-gift theory.

Olenna Tyrell

We saw Olenna Tyrell meeting with Ellaria at the end of Season 6. Olenna is also a known enemy of Cersei and she also had a hand in the death of one of Cersei's children, Joffrey. So, Olenna is also a good guess for a revenge-driven "gift."


The GoT rumor mill has been abuzz with theories about Gendry's return to the show. His return as a gift for Cersei makes total sense for GoT — remember how Rickon reappeared? And, as the final heir to the Baratheon line, Cersei would be into vanquishing the threat. But, how much claim to the throne does Gendry really have at this point? This gift is rather small potatoes when compared to others on this list.


Cersei has mad beef with her brother Tyrion, which she laid out in the infamous map scene. She blames him for her mother's death, Joffrey's death, and basically everything else that has ever happened to her.

A Time article also pointed out that Euron referenced Tyrion twice in his proposal — could this have been foreshadowing?


In an interview with Vulture, Pilou Asbæk (the actor who plays Euron) may have let it slip that his character is in possession of the Dragonbinder. Asbæk said, "This is a fictional character. I am here as an actor to interpret. Yeah, he doesn’t have an eye patch. Yeah, he doesn’t have the Dragonbinder … or does he?”

So, what is a Dragonbinder? The same Independent article listed above describes the Dragonbinder, aka Hellhorn as "a six-foot horn banded with Valyrian steel and covered in Valyrian glyphs, pillaged from the ruins of Valyria no less by Euron." Oh, and the horn, which sounds like "the screaming of a thousand souls" controls dragons.

In the book series, Euron is in possession of this Dragonbinder, so it would be a consistent gift for the character to give on the series. And, it would also be a total game-changer if Cersei has to go up against Dany and her dragons.

A Dragon

Let's say Euron does have the Dragonbinder, he could cut out the middleman and bring a dragon to Cersei. A dragon as a gift in Episode 2, could have interesting implications in Episode 3, when "Cersei returns a gift." Will Cersei arrive at Dragonstone in Episode 3 and use Dany's own dragon against her?


According to a Bustle post by Jefferson Grubbs about looking to the books for clues about Euron's gift, Euron could bestow Brightroar upon Cersei. Grubbs explains:

"Euron could go looking for Brightroar, the Lannister family's ancestral Valyrian steel sword that was lost centuries before when a member of the family took it with him to the smoking ruins of Old Valyria and never returned. With Jaime having given Oathkeeper away, the Lannisters could use a new family sword, and Valyrian steel is gaining importance as the show nears its endgame with the White Walkers."

Whatever the gift is, it can't be good news for the "good guys" of the series who want to stop Cersei's reign of terror.