There's A Cadbury's Mini Eggs Mani Now, Because These Treats Aren't Just For Eating

Vanilla Tramp / Instagram

It's almost Spring, sun is sort-of out, and you can almost throw on your short jacket and floral prints. Sometimes though, it takes a bit of seriously clever nail art to shake up the new season style trends. How about nails that match your favourite seasonal confectionary? This Cadbury's 'Mini Egg' mani is doing the rounds on Instagram ahead of Easter, and I can't get enough of them. Prepare for accidental nail-biting...

Manchester-based nail artist and salon manager, Lilly Power, shared her cutesy creation on Instagram from her vegan and cruelty-free salon, Vanilla Tramp. It's the perfect 'nailfie': multi-coloured pastel nails that could easily be mistaken for Cadbury's quintessential confection, including the trademark speckles.

Not based in Manchester? Or self-isolating? The nail artist has even shared how you can recreate the look at home.

Speaking to Tyla, Power shared that you'll need a nail lamp and matte top-coat to hand.

She recommends using shades Daisy, Forget Me Not, Californian, Pastelv110 and June from The Gel Bottle, which specialises in animal-friendly products. "These shades will make up your pastel bases, while you should use Badass for the speckles," per Tyla.

The talented artist, whose freehand creations range from cow print to abstract art, recommends that DIY-ers double down on their coats. "Add two layers of the selected TGB colours on top of the base coat, cure for 60 seconds in between each coat," she said. Then apply your specks.

Not biting into them might prove a greater challenge...