How You Can Pretend Hillary Clinton Is President

by Cate Carrejo
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The first, nightmarish month of Donald Trump's presidency has a lot of people looking for some kind of escapism, and there's a whole website dedicated to undermining the very premise of your stress. is a satirical news site that operates under one central premise: What if Hillary Clinton won the presidential election? It's not clear who runs the site or the social media, but the mastermind behind it deserves a national round of applause.

Although this news is technically fake, it's still way better than the real news right now. The site uses Onion-esque titles like "Baby boomers tell millennials 'Thank God we're not in charge anymore'" and "Hillary Clinton's approval rating falls to 79 percent," which are hilarious enough before even reading the article. The actual content gets even better, like one from Wednesday about alt-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos' disappearing career options.

"Infamous alt-right provocateur and occasional pedophile apologist Milo Yiannopoulos was spotted Wednesday brewing burnt espresso at a Starbucks in London," writes the anonymous author. "In a Facebook Live stream of Yiannopoulos hard at work, he can be seen writing 'Merry Christian Christmas' and 'Make America Great Again' on customers' cups, seemingly unable to accept the results of the recent presidential election in the U.S, in which President Hillary Rodham Clinton beat Donald Trump by 3 million votes." Also in this alternate reality, Leslie Jones is the White House Press Secretary, which would just be so infinitely better than Sean Spicer.

Unfortunately, you can't really use HillaryBeatTrump as a full replacement for real news, because you still need the context from what's actually happening in the world to understand what the site is making fun of. For example, the day after Trump's disastrous press conference last week, the site published an article entitled "NYT pans Clinton's 'oppressively intelligent press conference' as 'boring and too sane.'" Though it would be wonderful and serene to fully live in a world where Trump isn't the president, it's still critical to pay attention to what's really going on, and to fight back against Trump in the real world.

In the era of Trump resistance, even slightly silly websites like this can be really useful for sustaining the cause. Everyone needs a little break from the serious, high-stakes game that Trump is playing with American politics right now, and a creative source of like-minded humor is a great way to find that. You can follow the site's Twitter account at @POTUSHill to make sure you never miss any of its hilarious posts.