10 Classic Bath & Body Works Scents Are Back

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

A beloved mall retailer is keeping the '90s vital. Bath & Body Works is bringing back a bunch of retired scents during its massive, semi-annual, month-long sale, which officially kicks off on Monday, Jun. 5. With nearly 70 percent off in savings, according to Allure, it's certainly a "can't miss" sale and a shopping event during which you will want to stock up plentifully. That said, 10 classic B&BW scents will make a reprise.

Here are the fragrances that will enjoy an encore, according to Allure: Cucumber Melon, Country Apple, Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Freesia, Plumeria, Pearberry, Juniper Breeze, Brown Sugar & Fig, Dark Kiss, and Sensual Amber. Some of the delish scents are already available on the B&BW site!

I know, I know. Those are beloved, retired aromas from the '90s and the '00s that you have missed and will have you dragging out your platform flip flops, Britney baby tees, and low-waisted, flared leg jeans or velour track pants. Lancome Juicy Tubes, anyone?!

If those names and the memory of what they smell like aren't enough to transport you back to the late '90s and early '00s, I am not sure anything else can or will.

I am certainly a fan of the uber fresh Cucumber Melon, Country Apple, Plumeria, and Brown Sugar & Fig, the latter of which has less fanfare but provides equally as much olfactory joy.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

I remember the bottles and labels from this era, which have since been upgraded and revamped more than once. While the resurrection of these scents finds the in new, modern packaging, they still smell the same and are comfortably familiar.

The best thing about B&BW bringing back classic scents, even if for the short term, is that they can transport you to a simpler time and place. But there's another benefit. The products are also designed to be layered.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

You can bask in a fragrant shower with the body wash, towel off and then coat skin with the lotion, get dressed, and then spritz the body mist into the air and walk through the scented cloud so your clothes and your hair pick up the fragrance for additional aura.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Here's my tried and true tip for the beloved B&BW body mists. Once I pick out my outfit and lay it on my bed before getting dressed, I spritz my clothes with one of the splashes. I blast three generous pumps. The scent coats my outfit — don't overdo it. Saturating your clothes isn't the goal but misting them is. I can smell it through the day. An added bonus? When I crawl into bed at night, my comforter and sheets have retained some of the sweet scent, as well.