These 28 Compact Versions Of Everyday Products On Amazon Are So Innovative

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While the phrase "good things comes in small packages" was definitely created to characterize jewelry, it's actually the perfect way to describe compact versions of everyday products on Amazon. These miniature versions of everyday items are designed to take up minimal space, but still tackle the same job as their predecessors. Not to mention their smaller compact size means many products also come with a smaller price tag.

As I've gotten older and moved from college apartments to places that I was paying for on my own, I quickly discovered how space is at a premium. And with the growing trend for minimalism in home decor, I want to keep my limited space as clutter-free and clean as possible. As a result, using smaller versions of my favorite products lets me capitalize on the same aesthetic without compromising my favorite items.

For example, I was one of many people to become fascinated by the Instant Pot craze of 2017. However, the massive six-quart cooker would completely dominate my kitchen's limited counter space. Instead, finding smaller options, like the Cosori 2-quarter multi-function cooker, meant I could have all the same great benefits of the giant kitchen gadget without the footprint.

Best of all, many of these tinier versions are also great backups in case of emergencies. Whether it's a tiny pocket blanket that clips onto your belt loop while hiking, or a capsule umbrella to always have on hand in your purse, many of these miniature items are the perfect backup plan. And once they become part of your routine, you'll wonder why you didn't think to purchase them sooner.

So if you need an innovative way to fit an entire dumbbell set in your living room, or mini air conditioner to cool your room, check out these innovative miniature Amazon products.

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