These 32 Brilliant Products On Amazon Have Over 5,000+ Reviews For Good Reason

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Good reviews matter when it comes to buying new products online — and oftentimes, the more widely reviewed something is, the easier it is to take a chance on it. For instance, there are certain brilliant products on Amazon that have more than 5,000 incredible reviews. With that many people backing something you’re looking at, like a personal water filter or a popcorn popper that works in the microwave, they can easily go from a maybe to a must-have.

Sure, these interesting and innovative items might be totally outside of what you'd normally look to buy when you're shopping online, but seeing thousands of five-star reviews is definitely a reason to consider adding it to your cart.

Plus, nothing's worse than wasting your money on a product that turns out to be a total dud, which is another reason why it's a smart idea to use Amazon's customer reviews. It guarantees that whatever product you're trying out has a devoted cult-following — and chances are, you’ll soon love it just as much as those who decided to review it.

Looking for products so practical and genius that using them will literally change your life? Find out what thousands of happy Amazon customers are saying about these awesome products below.

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