These 32 Handy Products Are Trending On Amazon Because They're Effing Brilliant

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When was the last time you organized your cabinets or found a way to scrub your counter so well that it gleamed? Annoying chores like this can be a lot easier to cross off your to-do list when you've got a few of these handy products that are trending on Amazon within reach. Not only do they help trim off the time it takes to do things you hate, but they're also completely effing brilliant, too.

Since life is full of irritating things, having a little help along the way can really make a difference. Why put yourself through the pain of grabbing a hot plate out of the microwave or the frustration of winding up messy cords on your own, when there are ingenious products out there designed to do those things for you?

If you love discovering all those weird but awesome life hacks that make it easier to do things you absolutely can't stand, then you're going to go bananas for the innovative things featured on this list. From funky hangers that'll let you organize multiple shirts at once, to discreet pouches you can wear underneath your clothes to conceal money and credit cards, these are some of the coolest gadgets on Amazon right now.

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