These 34 Incredible Products On Amazon Are The Bomb

If you've ever spent a solid couple of hours on Instagram mainlining your friends' vacation pics, you know what I'm talking about: major FOMO. Luckily, even if you can't go on a tropical vacation, there's one easy way to feel like you're never missing out — finding incredible products on Amazon that everyone will eventually become obsessed with, because they're actually the bomb.

True trendsetters are the ones who are ahead of the curve — the folks who actually discover the off-the-beaten-track locales, the unknown fashion brands, the hole-in-the-wall restaurant with the killer ramen or the bolognese that's to die for. On Amazon, there are plenty of products that already have a cult following, or are just waiting to become huge hits. Consider the Instant Pot, the kitchen appliance that your friends keep saying has changed their lives. Ask them where they heard about it. They heard about it online, from someone just like you. And thanks to Amazon, the next big trends are as close as your fingertips.

So if you like the idea of being a trailblazer, of being the one whom your whole circle turns to for product recommendations and referrals, you're absolutely in the right place. This little list is chock-full of stuff that's absolutely fabulous, so get busy — the next big thing could be out there just waiting for you to start the trend!


This Non-Greasy Oil Keeps Away The Sun's Harmful Rays

Even though this broad spectrum sunscreen is an oil, it sprays on and is non-greasy, absorbing quickly to protect your skin. With a blend of meadowfoam seed oil, tocotrienols, and argan oil, it also provides excellent nourishment for your skin, reinforcing it to moisturize it and neutralize UV-induced free radical damage. Reviewers rave about this for use on your face, and note that it's great as a makeup primer or blended with your everyday moisturizer.


The Genius Bowl Keeps Your Cereal Crunchy Down To The Last Bite

This bowl is one of those things you'll really wish you'd thought of, it's such a smart idea: Its unique design keeps your milk in a deep receptacle on one side, while your cereal stays high and dry in a smaller area opposite. The two meet a bite at a time, meaning the remainder stays nice and crispy until you're ready for it. This BPA-free design is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.


This Device Is A Game-Changer For Wine Lovers

If you're a wine lover, this accessory may very well change your life. You know that wine needs air to bring out its flavors and aromas, and properly aerating a bottle can take time, right? Not with this battery-operated gadget: The Gourmia does it in just seconds, while also providing six times the oxidation of competing aerators — and it pours your wine, too. Simply place the aerator tube into the bottle, and your glass under the spout, and with one touch of the button, your vino will be aerated, dispensed, and ready to drink.


A Vibrating Brush That Keeps Your Face Clean Of Dirt And Makeup

A gentle way to effectively get rid of all traces of makeup and grime, this facial cleansing brush has silicone bristles and 16 adjustable intensities. It's waterproof, helps your cleansing products absorb better into the skin, and even helps get rid of acne. One reviewer writes: "I like this one because of it's silicone bristles. Combine that with the vibration and it provides a great clean all around! I have a very sensitive face, and this works well to clean without over irritating my skin as those with other bristles have in the past."


A Desk Accessory That Will Keep All Those Cords Tangle-Free

This cable organizer makes the perfect accessory for the technophile: It keeps all your cords straight and tangle-free, while weighing them down so that they don't slip off of your desk or workspace while you're busy getting the job done. Its small footprint fits even the smallest, most cluttered workspaces, and the weighted base and five slots with rubber grips ensure it's not going anywhere, either.


The Charcoal Toothpaste That Has Probiotics, Too

This toothpaste combines two of-the-moment ingredients — probiotics and activated charcoal — into a uniquely powerful combination. The result is a mouth health product that whitens your teeth naturally while targeting bad breath at its source. It also supports the overall wellbeing of your teeth, gums, and even your immune system. It features activated coconut charcoal to whiten and brighten your teeth without harsh chemicals, and it also helps balance your mouth pH. Bonus: the added probiotics like L. paracasei protect healthy mouth flora for stronger teeth and gums.


This Chopper Minces Your Garlic In A Flash

This device takes the aggravation out of mincing garlic, which is absolutely a pain in the butt regardless of how great your knife skills are. It's simple to operate, too: Load the garlic into the top, then roll the unit back and forth as the interior blades do the work for you. The longer you roll, the finer the mince — then pour the finished garlic out of the top into your dish of choice. The interior blades have finger guards for safe removal, and every piece of this unit is dishwasher-safe.


This Humidifier Looks Like A Glowing Diamond While Banishing Dry Air

The modern design of the Rockano humidifier and diffuser looks more like a mountain peak or a crystal, or, when lit by its variable and adjustable LED lights, a glowing diamond you've just stumbled upon in some enchanted forest. (One reviewer says it blends right into her massive crystal collection.) It has two mist settings, can run up to 10 hours on low, and comes with an automatic shut-off setting for safety.


9.The Specially-Formulated Cream That Cares For Your Feet Like No Other

This unique barrier cream was originated by a pair of longtime hikers and mountaineers who also happened to be scientists, and were determined to remedy their own issues with blisters — and that of fellow hikers around the world. The resulting preparation, which contains a high percentage of specialty hard waxes, has the staying power to last all day on your feet. It also has a specific balance of lanolin alcohol, which also gives it its friction-reducing powers.


The Foundation Applicator That Eliminates Waste And Germs

Since these makeup blenders are crafted from silicone, they don't absorb your cream foundations and concealers, so you'll use way less of them — and won't have the messy cleanup required by sponge beauty blenders. The sponge models can be germ-prone, too, as they can become the breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria if not kept immaculate — which is simply not a problem with silicone. Many reviewers note that application with these minimizes the look of pores as well.


A Serum That's Packed With Active Ingredients And Lasts Three Times As Long As Its Competitors

This serum is jam-packed with active ingredients, including a 20 percent concentration of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and ferulic acid to extend the life and effectiveness of the vitamin C. Most competing products with this high concentration of ferulic acid last for four weeks or less but this one remains fresh for three months — even longer if refrigerated. Additionally, this product is all-natural, and paraben-free. More than 1,400 reviewers give this product four stars.


An Accessory That Keeps Up To 10 Devices Organized And Charged All At Once

If you need a new way to organize all your devices — and keep them powered up — try out this fantastic home or office accessory will keep your devices organized and perfectly powered. Side A offers four different charging ports with built-in retractable cables, while side B features six smart USB charging ports which can be used with the four short USB cables that accompany the base. Simply plug in the dock with the included power cord — it's more than 4 feet in length — and you're ready to go.


This Nostalgic Popper Uses Futuristic Technology To Give You Cups Upon Cups Of Corn

Reminiscent of those beehive-shaped versions of the '70s, this impressive 24-cup popcorn popper works in just 3 minutes. It's also quick to heat and has high-tech halogen technology — which means no preheating is necessary with this device, and just like days of old, you can turn the top over to use as a bowl for easy serving.


A Handy Surge Protector Is Exactly What You Need In Tight Spaces

This surge protector is a genius idea for small, tight spaces: Its six pivoting heads triple your outlet capacity while their low 1.5-inch capacity to keep all your cords up and out of the way. This versatile accessory for home or office also filters "dirty" power caused by signal interference, to lengthen the life of your devices. It's UL certified for safety, and uses fireproof MOV technology to absorb voltage like a sponge during a surge.


A Comb That Detangles Your Hair And Gets Rid Of Static, Too

This comb gets its all-natural, anti-frizz, anti-breakage properties from protein-rich, cruelty-free buffalo horn — which spreads natural oils from your scalp down to the ends of your hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. The handle is crafted from delicious-smelling sandalwood, the aroma of which is said to help calm the mind and dissipate stress. It even comes in a nice gift box.


The Little Lamp That Charges Via USB And Is Super Portable

A small but mighty option, this portable lamp weighs just over 10 ounces, and its energy-saving LED light stays on for up to 5 hours on its highest setting — and up to 50 hours on its lowest setting. It features switches to allow you to toggle your level of brightness, and it's crafted from high-quality plastic that's resistant to impact and breakage. This rechargeable lamp is also terrific for use in hard-to-light spaces around the house including closets, basements, and stairwells.


The Accessory That Keeps Even The Oldest Shoes Smelling Fresh As A Daisy

Shoe Stix practically performs miracles on your stinky kicks — they remove odor and actually inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause them to smell. The plastic used to craft these devices is actually infused with silver ions, which gives it antimicrobial properties, and these hollow "sticks" enclose a deodorizing and moisture-absorbing insert that's lightly scented with plant-based essential oils. The combo, which earned props from the investors on Shark Tank, is totally non-toxic and chemical-free, and is a sure bet for anyone with funky footwear.


These Combs Will Curry Your Clothes Into Like-New Shape

This two-pack of combs is a must if you love your knitwear and want to keep it in top shape at all times. One comb in this set is for wool and blends, while the other is specially designed for delicate cashmere. "A fine, sturdier product that babies your expensive sweaters while making them look brand new," says one reviewer. Several users have found applications elsewhere in their wardrobes, too.


The Bulb That Lets You Enjoy Both Wireless Music And Colorful Lights

Not only can you stage a disco-worthy light show via remote control with these LED bulbs, but it plays music streamed from any Bluetooth-capable device as well. Basically, if you have this bulb, you're always ready for a party — and since it's LED, it saves energy, too. Enjoy the power of a sound system in any room of your home with this unique all-in-one gadget.


These Cutting Boards Make Not Only Chopping And Cleanup Easy, But Staying Healthy, Too

These cutting boards are your kitchen's best utility player. First off, they're sturdy, BPA- and phthalate-free, and dishwasher-safe, so they make chopping and cleanup a breeze. They also fold — which makes for easy storage — and permits easy transfer of prepped food to your cooking surface. But the real genius of these cutting boards is in their color-coding and the index tabs in their design, which mark them for specific use — meats, fish, veggies — to prevent dangerous cross-contamination. They're also non-slip.


A Cheese Board Set That's Incredibly Versatile And Naturally Antimicrobial

A versatile option for anyone who loves to entertain, this cheese board has both wood and slate trays — and you can pull out the slate insert and deploy them separately. The included soapstone chalk writes on the slate as well as on the three included cheese tags, and three cheese knives also come with the set. Then there's the most exciting bonus: It's crafted from teak, which is sustainably produced much like bamboo, the wooden tray is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and fungus.


A Hydrating Sleeping Mask With Adorable Packaging

The cute packaging of this overnight mask from K-beauty standout Etude House belies the seriousness of its formulation: Water capsule "bubbles" you fish out from the bottom of the "tea" using the provided spoon combine with gel infused strawberry extract to leave your skin moisturized and refreshed in the morning. One reviewer notes that with her "severe dry patches," this is the "only product that brings me lasting moisture." Another reviewer notes that it's the only overnight mask that works with her super oily skin.


This Accessory Delivers Oven-Quality Crispness Straight From The Microwave

This super-useful kitchen accessory gives your microwave a superpower you'd never thought it would achieve: The ability to produce food that's actually crispy. The genius of this pan is that it converts microwave energy to conductive heat so that it cooks much like a covered flat top grill. You'll produce melted sandwiches, bacon, chicken wings, pizza — all with the crispiness you'd get from cooking up these foods in a more traditional manner. Fits most turntable-equipped microwaves, and totally BPA free.


A Hand Creme That Uses Sea Salt To Moisturize

It seems counterintuitive that sea salt would moisturize, but this hand creme proves otherwise: In fact, it's centuries-old wisdom that this mineral uses the power of osmosis to harness and trap hydration into the skin. This core ingredient is complemented by all-natural shea butter and olive oil in a super-rich formulation that's paraben-, sulfate-free, and 100 percent vegan. It's also scented with lavender, sunflower, and calendula.


This Shiatsu Device Lets You Add Intensity To Your Massage

The design of this massager enables you to control both the placement and the intensity of the massage you receive — simply put your hands through the loops of this lightweight device and position the shiatsu nodes wherever you need relief, then apply as much pressure as you need during your session to release the tension. The massager offers optional heat for additional comfort, and can be used all over the body, from your neck down to your feet. It's lightweight and portable, too.


These Genius Three-In-One Accessories Are Kitchen Chameleons

Oh, Clever Tongs, where have you been all my life? These magical kitchen accessories enable you to go from flipping pancakes to scooping up hash browns and plating them to pulling bacon off the griddle without switching up utensils. The "clever" of their design lies in the patent-pending silicone cradle that stretches between the stainless steel, the restaurant-grade tong arms, and the flexible sling that is sturdy enough act as a spatula but flexible enough to bend under as you squeeze the tongs together.


The Rack That Helps You Organize Caps And Save Closet Space

If you have a lot of hats floating around, this cap rack gives you a terrific way to get them corralled into one place neatly, without taking up a lot of space in your closet. Its flexible hook design adjusts to accommodate all types of hats, and can actually handle more than one hat, too. Easy set-up attaches these space-savers to your closet door with elastic grippers, so they're also easy to remove and won't leave any marks. It's great for small spaces where staying organized is a must.


This Tray Attaches To Your Bedframe And Holds Up To 15 Pounds

Great for small spaces, this super smart bedside tray slides on to your bed frame without tools and includes thick felt pads so it won't mark up your furniture — making this is the ultimate combination of convenience and style. Additionally, the tray, which is crafted from ultra-renewable bamboo, can hold up to 15 pounds, making it sturdy enough for your laptop, a big mug of coffee, your phone — heck, even a reasonably-sized cat. (You know they'll try it.)


This Light Perks You Up When The Darkness Has You Feeling Down

A welcome respite from those who get down when the days get longer or it's cloudy outside, this portable lightbox has a 10,000 LUX dimmable design that delivers safe and comfortable light therapy you can take with you and use anywhere. It's eco-friendly, too, since it works on LED bulbs. One reviewer writes: "Having this on in my office at work makes a tremendous difference in my attitude. I have it to the side of my work place; it is close by and lights up my whole work space but doesnt shining in my eyes. It's like sitting in the sunshine. A must for people working in areas without windows."


The Ingenious Bowl That Makes Salad Prep A Breeze

This fun and functional bowl makes assembling the perfect tossed salad a breeze. Simply insert your ingredients into the slotted bowl, and run under the tap to wash as normal. Hold upright and shake firmly to rid them of excess water, then invert the bowl and ensure that it's snapped down on the base firmly. Cut through the slots, then turn 90 degrees — and the guided notches on the base will assist you in turning the correct amount. Turn again, and cut again, and you have a perfectly bite-sized salad!


This Phone Accessory Goes On — And Comes Off — With One Touch

A simple and easy way to mount your phone hands-free in any vehicle, this device docks onto your dashboard with a super sticky gel suction pad that's easy to remove. The design also features a telescopic arm, which extends 2 inches to bring your phone closer to where you need it to be. The mount accommodates your device's bottom ports, and will house even an oversized iPhone 6 Plus.


The Appliance That Cooks Your Entire Breakfast — All At The Same Time

This remarkable machine is roughly the same size as a standard microwave, but it does oh so much more: Griddle anything you like on top, make everything from toast to frozen pizzas to brownies in the toaster oven, and prepare 4 cups of coffee all with this one appliance. Perfect for small spaces or the office, this highly versatile cooker cleans up easily as well, as both the oven tray and griddle are removable for washing. It comes with an automatic shut-off timer, too.


This Gadget Keeps Your Herbs Fresh For Up To 4 Times Longer

The kitchen accessory that keeps your fresh herbs fresh for longer? Yep — this will keep your cilantro and parsley usable for four times longer than usual. Its large size means it can incorporate more herbs than its rivals, while you'll also find it useful for prolonging the freshness of produce like asparagus, carrots, and celery. Crafted with a stainless steel core and a BPA-free storage cup, it's surrounded by shatter-resistant borosilicate glass.


This Coloring Book Delivers Both Relaxation And Humor

If you don't know Jenny Lawson yet, a) this book provides a multifocal introduction to all that is The Bloggess, and b) where have you been? Jenny is a best-selling author who brings the funny to serious topics like depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and taxidermy. In the throes of a very dark time and unable to string together prose on the daily, she came up with this remarkable coloring-book-as-a-relaxation-tool that's also funny, profound, and irreverent. Order two or more, because you'll want to give this to all your best friends.

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