These 40 Things Are Bestsellers On Amazon Because They Do An Amazing Job Of Organizing Your Crap For Under $40

Stuff. Junk. Crap. We all have it, and every once in a while, when it’s on the brink of overtaking us, it’s time to get organized — but you don’t have to do it alone, because these best-sellers on Amazon are here for it, and they’re all under $40.

Clutter clings onto our lives like barnacles on a shipwreck — that’s why Marie Kondo is legit famous, has a Netflix series, and is probably rolling in the dough right now. Even if you’re not into the paring-down aspect of things, that doesn’t mean you can’t be the master of your domain when it comes to the creeping crap, and Amazon proves you don’t have to be a tidying titan to get control.

For example, if the under-sink area in your bathroom or your kitchen is a lowdown, dirty mess, these shelves will help you straighten it out. These make the most of dead space, are expandable to fit just about any size cabinet, and make getting all your cleaning supplies or the thousands of hair products you’ve accumulated over the years into formation.

And, while all of these products have plenty of utilitarian purpose built right in, some also offer a sense of whimsy. Look at this set of matryoshka doll-themed measuring cups, for example: They stack inside each other and range from ¼-cup to 1-cup in size.

See? It's definitely time to organize all your crap. So get busy!

1. These Hangers Save You Tons Of Closet Space And Keep Your Strappy Stuff Straight

Don't you hate it when your tank tops and camisoles end up on the floor of your closet? These hangers put an end to that pesky problem — while also saving a stunning amount of space in your closet by accommodating up to eight garments with their 16 hooks. The sturdy and attractive polished stainless steel construction means they're built to last and can also hold heavier items like belts with ease. Plus, the smooth, rounded design of the hooks makes slipping clothes on and off a breeze.

2. An In-Drawer Organizer To Keep All Your Favorite Flavors Handy

You're much less inclined to use all those fancy and expensive spices when they're all jumbled up in your cabinet or your closet, and this in-drawer spice rack makes them accessible so you can easily add more variety and flavor to your cooking. Crafted from BPA-free and shatter-resistant plastic, it expands from 8 inches to 14.5 inches in width to accommodate most drawer sizes — and is also a great asset in your craft room or workshop.

3.These Shelves Make The Most Of That Space Under Your Bathroom Sink

Designed to fit around your under-the-sink pipes, these shelves adjust both in height and width to fit just about any kitchen or bathroom cabinet size. The steel panels are sturdy enough to hold those heavy bottles of cleaning liquid or your most hardcore hair styling accessories, all while enabling you to make the most of that space so your countertops are less cluttered and more mess-free.

4. An Ingenious Shelf For Your Bed

If you're anything like me, your bed is Command Central. Books, notebooks, phone, remotes, paperwork, laptop — all that good stuff piled up all around you, much to the chagrin of anyone who also needs to use your bed. Put an end to the chaos with this clever bedside tray that installs effortlessly without tools and won't scratch or mar your bed frame. Capable of holding up to 15 pounds of your stuff, you'll suddenly have your bed back.

5. The Cart That Instantly Organizes Your Laundry Room

Designed to fit in that unused space that lurks between your washer and your dryer, this cart provides the perfect storage solution for your detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, and anything else you need to get your clothes clean — plus, a convenient place to put all the random things you find in the bottom of the washer after running a load. It's easy to assemble, and with four wheels, it rolls smoothly so you can get to it when you need it — and it's out of the way when you don't.

6. This Rack Whips Your Cookware Cupboard Into Shape

Crafted from specially-coated thick steel wires, this rack delivers the ultimate in flexibility for organizing your cookware: It can be used as one rack that expands from 13 to 22.25 inches, or separated into two racks of 13 inches each. Its special design ensures that your pots, pans, and cookware won't be scratched when you're getting it in and out of storage, and silicone feet install easily and prevent the unit from slipping around while you're retrieving your items.

7. This Convertible Hanging Unit For Handbags

How about this for convenience? This organizer is like a hanging house for all of your handbags...and it can be detached and made into two hanging handbag houses. Naturally, it's suited to hold anything you like, not just handbags — from baby clothing and supplies to sweaters and sweatshirts to towels and linens. Made with sturdy fabric and mesh construction, it folds down to nearly flat when not in use for easy storage.

8. These Racks Are Perfect For Cookware And Bakeware

Crafted from sturdy steel, these racks are perfect to get all those loose items in your kitchen lined up and in formation: Cookware, bakeware, cutting boards, platters, whatever you have laying around that needs some organization. Rubber feet protect where they stand and ensure that the racks don't slip around when you retrieve an item. Pro tip: Use them in your office for binders or in your craft room for stencils, canvases, or patterns, too.

9. These Hanging Pockets Are For Shoes — But They're Also Great For Snacks And Supplies

Designed to hang on any standard door or over any standard closet rod, this clear pocket organizer is commonly used for shoes, but it has so many more capabilities. Use it on the back of an office door for small supplies that you want to keep handy but out of the way like binder clips, tacks, and the like. Hang it over a pantry door to keep snacks handy or use it in the garage or workroom for small parts to keep them organized and close at hand. It's even perfect in a craft room for all those tiny beads, foam letters, stickers, and puffy paint pens.

10. The Reusable Vacuum Bags That Are Genius Space-Savers

With 80 percent more space than competitors' bags, these reusable vacuum bags are a great way to store away off-season clothes, extra towels and linens, and countless other items. Keeping your items vacuum-sealed means they're impervious to mold, mildew, and bacteria — and these bags are crafted using anti-microbial materials, so that the interior of the space, once sealed, will keep it all out.

11. This Belt Gets You Organized When You're On-The-Go

When you're not an organizing tear in your home, don't forget to organize yourself, too. Whether you're traveling or going for a jog, this belt will get all the necessary items you run around with in order so you can concentrate on the task at hand. Suited to fit your money, keys, passport, ID, smartphone, and other essential items, it has a slim line that fits undetectably under your clothes and has adjustable elastic straps to accommodate most waist sizes. It's available in a classic size as well as a larger, oversized version to encompass even more of your stuff.

12. A Container That's Perfect For Every Room In The House

With so many uses across every room in the house, buying this storage box is basically a no-brainer. Let me count the ways: Use it in the workshop or the garage to keep your most important tools handy, or use it in the kitchen for spatulas and ladles. In the living room? Put your remotes in it and set it on the coffee table so you won't have to scramble around under the couch cushions anymore. And I don't need to tell you how many ways you can use it in the office, or for all your makeup brushes.

13. A Charging Station To Get Your Devices In Line

Scrambling around to find enough outlets to charge all your many and varied devices? The struggle is real, but there's an end in sight, thanks to this charging station. With four ports, it can handle your tablets and your smartphones, and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Plus, it comes equipped with short, purpose-made cables that will link your devices to the unit: Two lightning cables, one micro-USB cable, and one type-C cable for Android devices. Basically, everything you need to stop the madness.

14. The Holder That Gets Your Lawn Or Cleaning Tools Up Off The Floor

Perfect for use inside your utility closet or on the wall of your garage, this hanging rack uses ball mounts to grab onto the handles of your brooms, mops, or yard tools — and it won't let go. In addition to the five ball slots, it also has six hooks for hanging aprons, bags, or other items you use while cleaning or working outside or in your workroom. Easy to install, reviewers report storing as much as 35 pounds of stuff on this champ.

15. This Handy Basket For Hot Tools

There's no more need to worry about hot hair tools scarring your bathroom counter with this over-the-door caddy that's made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Providing a convenient place to store your flat iron and curling iron — as well as brushes and other implements — it has a special spiral barrel holder that fits any hair dryer. Simply slip it on over any size cabinet door, and it's ready to tuck away all your tools.

16. A Case For All Your Chords For When You Travel

Get your charging cords organized when you travel with this case that features a waterproof exterior and two large cushioned pockets, mesh pockets in multiple sizes, and a variety of elastic loops — basically, a combination of solutions that will straighten up everything you need to make sure your electronics stay connected.

17. An Outlet Shelf For Your Echo Dot Or Electric Toothbrush

I love this shelf for a couple of reasons: First, there's always that one outlet in every room that makes you just scratch your head when you look at it. It's in a weird place, too high up or in a strange corner where there's just never any way that anyone could reasonably use it — and now, this shelf gives you a way to give that outlet a purpose. Two, you can put it to use in heavily-trafficked areas to get your phone or your home assistant up and off of your kitchen or your toothbrush off your bathroom counter while it's charging.

18. These Cable Clips Keep All Those Cords From Turning Into A Nest Of Snakes

This day and age, pretty much every desk or entertainment center looks like Medusa's bedchamber with the amount of cordage laying around, but these cord clips can help. Backed with strong peel-and-stick adhesive, they're a quick and cost-effective solution to tame the clutter and also tack down those cords so you don't trip while getting in and out of the area. They're suitable for all smooth surfaces and fit just about every cord you have at hand, too.

19. The Clever Organizers For Your Backseat

These backseat organizers are life-savers with respect to calming the chaos that is your back seat. Not only do they prevent dirt and damage from shoes kicking and resting on the back of the seats, but multiple pockets allow for storage of all the necessary snacks, schoolwork, books, and assorted detritus that kids collect throughout your travels. They even feature pre-made tablet holders that are touch-screen compatible to keep your backseat drivers occupied during the commute — and they're simply genius.

20. The Measuring Cups That Stack Inside Each Other To Save Space

Pint-sized galley kitchens are no match for the overwhelming charm of these measuring cups styled to look like Russian nesting dolls. Designed for dry measuring and crafted from BPA-free materials, the set includes six different measurements up to the largest 1-cup size. Both the bottoms and the tops of each doll are flattened to stand upright for ease of use.

21. An Organizer That's Perfect For Makeup Or Jewelry

Ideal for either makeup or jewelry, and frankly, perfect for small office supplies as well, this organizer comes in two pieces — and is strong and sturdy. The bottom section features two large drawers and two small drawers and comes with removable black mesh padding to keep your expensive cosmetics and jewelry cushioned. Meanwhile, the top section has compartments that keep your makeup organized, but would also be just as useful for pens, highlighters, and more.

22. These Reusable Storage Bags Are An Eco-Friendly Way To Organize

What could be better than being organized? Being organized and being eco-friendly, of course — and you can, with this set of silicone storage bags. This set of 10 food-grade PEVA bags includes six sandwich-size and four snack-size bags that are, of course, naturals for packing lunches — but are also perfect for sorting small office supplies, and also great for small parts in your craft room or tiny nuts and bolts out in the garage.

23. A Genius Plastic Tub That's Folds Flat For Storage

How great is this tub? It's just as useful for toting your laundry around the house as it is for icing down cold beverages out on the deck on a hot day — and it folds down to just a couple of inches in width to slide right into your closet when not in use. It's available in eight colors and an oval shape, too, and despite its collapsible nature, it's totally leak-proof.

24. A Little Box That Will Keep Your Most Precious Jewelry Untangled And Safe

The brainchild of a teacher and softball coach who was tired of worrying about her jewelry while being active, this box will help you keep small valuables protected and close at hand while you're in the water, cooking, cleaning, or otherwise occupied. It comes in seven colors and can be attached to a keychain, a lanyard, or backpack. It's great for nurses and anyone who works on their feet, too.

25. A Science-Based Undated Planner

Based on scientific studies of productivity and motivation, this planner will help you get your whole life organized while you're sorting through all of your stuff. Its award-winning structure is undated so that you can use it in any year — and features monthly, weekly, and daily sections for goal-setting and all your tasks and priorities. Endorsed by top psychologists, this planner is all about accountability and getting your ish done.

26. A Caddy That Finally Organizes Your Shower

Sleek and stylish, this shower caddy is crafted from strong, rust-resistant steel, so it's durable enough to hold all of those tropical-scented body washes and hair products you're hoarding. It's equipped with two suction cups so that it won't slide around like the other shower caddies on the block when it actually gets wet, and the four baskets swivel to the inside or to the outside — all depending on how large or tall your items are. It's also outfitted with two hooks for your razors, washcloths, or scrubbies.

27. This Drawer Organizer Stores Your Knives Safely While Freeing Up Your Counter Space

Crafted from renewable, sustainably-harvested bamboo, this knife block fits right in your drawer and will keep your fingers from getting cut up when you reach into the drawer. It will also give you your counter space back when you toss that gigantic, bulky knife block in favor of this sleek number that fits up to 16 knives in a range of sizes. It cleans up easily with soap and water when needed, too.

28. A Genius Gadget To Keep Your Kitchen Sink Tools Straight And Germ-Free

Designed to attach to the side of your sink with four ultra-strong suction cups as well as a wire ledge hanger, this sink caddy is designed to hold your sponge and your scrubber to keep them off the bottom of the sink. It also features plenty of drainage holes to encourage airflow so your cleaning tools can stay dry, preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew so they stay hygienic.

29. The Mesh Bags You'll Wonder How You Lived Without

Eco-friendly, sturdy, and washable for reuse, these mesh bags are so helpful for all kinds of things. Of course they're the kind of bags that are the perfect replacement for the plastic produce bags they have at the grocery store, but they're great for sorting loose toys, keeping all those left socks together until you find the right ones together, and keeping your dog's or cat's toys handy until the next time they're ready to play — and approximately a kajillion other things.

30. An Innovative Pill Organizer

With an incredibly smart structure that's no bigger than a coffee cup overall, this med minder contains seven trays, one for each day of the week. Sort your pills and supplements by day, and then each daily tray has four compartments so you can separate your meds by time of day so you don't forget anything. Plus, the trays are the perfect size to slip into a pocket, handbag, or backpack pocket for convenient portability.

31. This Handy Container Keeps Your Trunk In Order

That mess you drive around with every day isn't going anywhere — until you get this trunk organizer, that is. Made to be sturdy with rigid panels and heavy-duty fabric, it has large compartments to hold groceries and bottles, plus mesh pockets to wrangle items like water bottles and your tablet. Tie-down straps ensure that it stays in place in your trunk, and it can also be used in your front seat.

32. A Rolling Cart To Sort Your Laundry

Practically radiating vibes of "I have my life completely under control," this laundry cart looks totally tailored and allows you to sort your dirty clothes at the same time as you peel them off — then roll them right down to the laundry room like the clever and capable person you are. Each bag holds a whopping 13 gallons of laundry, enabling you to totally put off laundry day until next week without worrying about the eyesore of a hamper that runneth over, and the wheels are a great bonus.

33. The Silicone Wonder That Keeps Earbud Cords From Tangling Up

Made from high-quality, extra-durable silicone, this little gadget is absolutely genius. I mean seriously, you haven't lived until you've pulled your earbuds from your jacket pocket, your handbag, or your backpack, and they're balled up in a wadded mess. Now, you can wind them around this clip and they'll be in perfect shape whenever you're in the mood to jam out or plug in to that compelling new audiobook. It's also available in your choice of nine colors.

34. A Useful Purse Insert

Crafted from sturdy felt, this purse insert will get that nightmare of a handbag under control once and for all. Available in five sizes, its wide variety of pockets provide a place for everything so that you can put everything in its place — then, when you're ready to switch bags, simply lift out the insert, put it into your next bag, and go.

35. These Packing Cubes Will Whip Your Luggage Right Into Shape

If you're tired of your luggage looking like a hot mess every time you travel, these packing cubes will revolutionize the way you go about things. Available in four colors, the set includes three different sizes of clothing organizers, one for underwear, a toiletry bag, a laundry bag, and a zippered bag. All totaled, the set will gain you a full 30 percent more room in your suitcase — and they're crafted from extra-durable waterproof material with heavy-duty zippers and mesh tops for breathability.

36. The Storage Containers For Your Pantry

Made from shatterproof, BPA-free plastic, these containers are sure to give you the pantry you've always dreamed of: Just decant your foods into the seven-piece set, then use the chalkboard labels and marker — included with the set — to note what's inside (although you'll be able to see your food, this is a mandatory part of the vibe). The airtight containers are perfect for dry goods, baking ingredients, granola, and more.

37. A Gadget That Finds Your Keys

The average person loses way too much time looking for things, so one great way to get organized is to recapture that time with this wireless key finder that can track any and all of your lost items. Attach a tracker to your keys, to your phone, to your pet's collar — the four-pack will let you track any items within almost 100 feet.

38. An Organizer Set That Makes Sense Out Of The Most Crowded Refrigerator

With six pieces in all, this organizer set will make sense out of even the most crowded, confused refrigerator. Crafted from shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic, the set features two wide bins, two more narrow bins, an egg tray, and a drink holder. The wide bins are great for meats and veggies, while the narrower ones are perfect for condiments, and the same-sized bins can be stacked on top of each other to maximize storage space in your fridge.

39. This Cosmetics Bag Makes Everything From Everyday Organizing To Travel A Breeze

Crafted from water-repellent nylon, this cosmetics organizer has a unique design that enables you to keep it unfurled on your countertop while your busy putting on that happy face, then simply roll it up and stow everything when you're done — keeping your surfaces clean and uncluttered and your expensive products neat and organized. It's crafted from waterproof materials and has a lip to keep all your products from rolling into the sink or onto the floor. A double nylon cord keeps everything securely inside then stows away into the Velcroed front pocket.

40. This Caddy Holds Your Remotes Beautifully

So pretty it looks like it would be right at home in the Guggenheim, this remote caddy will give you real pleasure to display on your coffee table or nightstand. It holds your smartphone, too — or anything else you need to keep close at hand — and is made from genuine wood. Reviewers rave about the compliments this item brings in while eliminating the eyesore of all those remotes strewn across every flat surface. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.