These 40 Things Are Bestsellers On Amazon Because They Do An Amazing Job Of Organizing Your Crap For Under $40

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Stuff. Junk. Crap. We all have it, and every once in a while, when it’s on the brink of overtaking us, it’s time to get organized — but you don’t have to do it alone, because these best-sellers on Amazon are here for it, and they’re all under $40.

Clutter clings onto our lives like barnacles on a shipwreck — that’s why Marie Kondo is legit famous, has a Netflix series, and is probably rolling in the dough right now. Even if you’re not into the paring-down aspect of things, that doesn’t mean you can’t be the master of your domain when it comes to the creeping crap, and Amazon proves you don’t have to be a tidying titan to get control.

For example, if the under-sink area in your bathroom or your kitchen is a lowdown, dirty mess, these shelves will help you straighten it out. These make the most of dead space, are expandable to fit just about any size cabinet, and make getting all your cleaning supplies or the thousands of hair products you’ve accumulated over the years into formation.

And, while all of these products have plenty of utilitarian purpose built right in, some also offer a sense of whimsy. Look at this set of matryoshka doll-themed measuring cups, for example: They stack inside each other and range from ¼-cup to 1-cup in size.

See? It's definitely time to organize all your crap. So get busy!

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