These 46 Little-Known Products On Amazon Are Actually Incredible

I'm somebody who roots for the underdog. Maybe it's because I watched Air Bud as a kid. Maybe it's because I'm so short, I always need help reaching for things at the grocery store. I'm not here to analyze, I'm here to introduce you to some little-known products on Amazon that are actually incredible — even though they're not the same big dogs you see on the bestsellers list every day.

Finding hidden gems that work just as great as the products that are always lauded with praise is a bit of a hobby of mine. Why? Because we all know about the high-end face masks that everyone on YouTube is raving about. We all know about the kitchen gadgets with a cult-following or the products that have a wait-list because they're so popular. But there's so much more out there — and once you find it, you can reveal your cool, in-the-know shopping secrets when people ask you why your under eyes look so hydrated or why you have a notepad in your shower.

These little-known innovations on Amazon are basically the equivalent of the great bands you see perform in dive bars before they're discovered and end up on your radio every hour on the hour. And while I'm almost a little protective of them, perhaps it's time for them to have their moment in the spotlight. Because there's no rules that say a dog can't play basketball — and there's nothing stopping you from owning these game-changing products that you'll surely love.

1. The Gel Masks That Effectively Hydrate The Under Eye

Miskin Diaforce Hydro Gel Patches, $21 (60 Patches), Amazon

These magical and pink gel patches are made for anyone who needs a boost of hydration and wants to retain that moisture long after they take the mask off. They're also fantastic when put in the fridge for a while, help to keep the under eyes elastic and tight, and reviewers say things like: "I love these, I see a big difference in my undereye area after using these. Great to use before events; I have sensitive skin and have had no poor reactions."


2. The Spatula And Tong Hybrids That You Won't Believe You Don't Own Yet

Norpro Locking Spatula Tongs, $9, Amazon

There's nothing more exciting than a genius combination done well — and these spatula and tong hybrids are the perfect tool for anyone who flips and picks things up in the kitchen all day. The 9-inch locking tongs are fantastic for chicken wings, veggie burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even delicate items like fish. They even have a little hole on the top so you can hang them on any hook you have in your kitchen.


3. These Brilliant Hair Ties That Actually Snap On And Off

Snappees, $20 (3 Pack), Amazon

Sometimes, a brilliant innovation occurs to a product that you didn't know could be improved upon, which is exactly what these hair ties are. They're incredibly stretchy and comfortable enough to work with any hair type and texture, and they securely snap shut to remove the risk of creases, tangles, and headaches. You can even snap two together to make a headband, wash them in the washing machine to shrink them back to their original shape, and are made of completely hypoallergenic materials.


4. The Japanese Cleansing Oil That Won't Stay On Your Face

Hadalabo Gokujun Cleansing Oil, $14, Amazon

Made in Japan with ingredients like high purity olive oil and hyaluronic acid, this cleansing oil will nurture skin while completely eradicating all traces of makeup and dirt. Best of all, because this contains both oils and emulsifiers, it completely wipes off your face with water — and won't leave that slick feeling some other coconut oils or cleansers will.


5. The Flaxseed Pillows That Relieve Tough Migraines

Perfection Collection Migraine Relief Pillow Mask, $30, Amazon

Because flaxseeds are comprised of 40 percent oil, they retain temperature for a really long time — which is why they're great as a filling for this pillow mask, which uses both hot and cold therapy to relieve migraines, pain, and puffy eyes. They also completely block out all light, mold comfortably to the face, and have a silky satin backing for soothing relief.


6. The Pocket-Sized Gadget That Cleans All Your Screens

CarbonKlean Screen Cleaner, $17, Amazon

This screen cleaner is the only cleaner used by NASA to clean their glass. If you are interested in doing things that NASA does, try it out — it cleans fingerprints off of tablets, e-readers, and computers with an invisible carbon technology that won't leave streaks. It also contains an all-natural bacteria killer that leaves your items much more hygienic, and it comes in seven colors.


7. A Tinted Lip Butter Made With Ingredients Like Rice Wax

Korres Lip Butter, $12, Amazon

A rich, ultra-luxe lip balm that offers a shiny finish? Sign me up for this lip butter by Korres, which uses shea butter and rice wax to hydrate and condition dry or flaky skin. It can be worn under lipstick, comes in a few tinted shades, and one reviewer writes: "I apply it with my finger or a lip brush, and it goes on super easy. It is sheer, so don't expect the color to look like it does in the container. I love how it adds a flush of color to my lips and still looks so natural. It also acts like a lip balm for me, because it is very moisturizing."


8. These Salt Bars That Purify And Detoxify Skin

Himalayan Salt Massage Bar, $22 (6 Pack), Amazon

Crafted from 100 percent natural Himalayan salt crystals, these massage bars can replace traditional soaps to cleanse and purify the body. Just wet them in the shower and rub away — they contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron which are absorbed into the skin, and they're suitable for any skin type. They also have deodorant properties, calm irritations and breakouts, and even decrease muscle soreness.


9. A Bath Mat That's Odor-Resistant And Dries Incredibly Fast

Bamboo Bath Mat, $40, Amazon

A bath mat that's antibacterial, odor-resistant, and antimicrobial cold be the difference between a bathroom that smells like mildew and one that smells fresh. This eco-friendly, non-slip bamboo bath mat is all that and more — because it's beautiful to look at and also dries incredibly quickly. Use it indoors or outdoors, and the six silicone pads keep your floor from getting scratched.


10. A Handy Little Air Purifier That Rids Rooms Of Odor

Bidook Plasma Air Purifier, $36, Amazon

Incredibly useful to rid the air of things like odors, smoke, and allergens, this air purifier has a range of 86 square feet and uses UV-C light technology. The filter can easily be replaced because the base is magnetic, it runs for 12 hours without needing a recharge, and it has a night light base if you want to use it overnight. One reviewer writes: "The UV-C light and the sanitizer do not add any odor, if you notice anything, it's the lack of odor. The best way I can describe it, it's the smell that you get when you walk outside after a thunderstorm."


11. A Hydrating Moisturizer Made With Pistachio Oil

Pistaché Skincare Moisturizer, $38, Amazon

Who knew pistachio oil was great for the skin? The green little nut is actually full of lutein and fatty acids, which add antioxidants to protect and plump skin — so it's a great addition to this hydrating moisturizer. The blend also incorporates vitamin E, it's fantastic for all skin types, and it absorbs deeply into skin to truly heal dry patches.


12. The Balm That's Made For Athletes — Or Anyone With Cracked Hands And Feet

Rocket Pure Natural Hand And Foot Balm, $14, Amazon

If you're a runner, hiker, or weightlifter, you know the damage that can be done to your hands and feet. However, this natural balm is perfect for anyone with especially dry or cracked hands, feet, elbows, or knees, and it's chemical- and paraben-free. Made with tea tree essential oil, lemongrass, shea butter, and beeswax, this will go to work on places that need intense moisture. A little goes a long way, and reviewers say this isn't greasy.


13. The Pillow Spray That Lulls You Into A Restful Sleep

This Works Deep Pillow Spray, $29, Amazon

A completely natural way to fall asleep faster, this pillow spray is made with spa-grade essential oils that will relax both the body and the mind. Just spray it on your pillow or sheets, and the gentle aromas from chamomile, lavender, and patchouli will work to keep you asleep. Reviewers say the scent isn't overpowering and the results reflect the brand name: It works.


14. A Bamboo Charcoal Mask Powered By Bees

Choc Choc Black Honey Mask, $11 (8 Pack), Amazon

The honey — specifically, the green propolis that comes from bees — and royal jelly in this black mask contain concentrated antioxidants that help protect skin from the environment while keeping things plump and hydrated. The sheets are also made from bamboo charcoal, so they'll remove toxins and impurities from pores to help prevent and heal acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. These can even help to even out skin tone.


15. The Genius Pillow That Contours To Perfectly Fit Your Head

Ergonomic Neck Pillow, $39, Amazon

This specially-designed neck pillow is made to contour comfortably to the head, which promotes spinal alignment and a restful sleep without soreness. The memory foam inside is made from bamboo, so it's naturally antibacterial and resistant to dust mites. It's also deodorizing and moisture-wicking, so you'll always be the perfect temperature. The zippered outside can go in the washing machine and comes with a replacement so you'll always have a clean option, and this is good for both side and back sleepers.


16. An Easy Way To Keep Your Muscles Loose Wherever You Work Out

Mini Foam Roller, $12, Amazon

A foam roller is an incredible way to keep muscles loose pre- or post-workout, and can even massage knots out with ease. But a mini roller? Well, that's the kind of thing you can take with you everywhere, whether you're working out in a hotel or right in your gym. It's medium-density foam works for everyone, and the smaller diameter provides another benefit: It's easier to target troublesome areas for a deeper massage.


17. A Hypoallergenic Face Wash That Will Easily Zap Away Acne

ZapZyt Acne Wash, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

If you're looking to rid skin of acne but you have sensitive skin, this acne wash is especially gently and hypoallergenic, because it's dye- and fragrance-free. It's also made with gentle ingredients like aloe and chamomile, which help soothe existing acne — and the 2 percent salicylic acid is just enough to reduce clogged pores and prevent future breakouts. This is especially effective on the back and body, and one reviewer writes: "This face wash was gentle and not too drying. My dermatologist recommended it. I love it!"


18. The Cork Insoles That Let You Comfortable Move Around Barefoot

Honey Soles Natural Cork Insoles, $40, Amazon

If you're a fan of wearing shoes without socks but aren't as big of a fan as some of the funky smells that come from that, then these natural insoles are absolutely for you. The shock-absorbing foam makes it more comfortable to wear any shoe type, the low arch support will help with pain and improve posture — but the real star is the cork, which wicks away sweat to keep feet fresh and dry. They're easy to trim to fit your shoes perfectly, but also come in a variety of sizes.


19. The Body Wipes That Are Made For A Quick Shower Without Water

ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes, $10 (10 Pack), Amazon

These extra-thick wipes easily remove 99.9 percent of germs, sweat, and dirt from the body — and keep you smelling as fresh as if you just took an actual shower. They're fantastic for anyone who loves intense workouts, the outdoors, or pulling all-nighters. The soothing aloe vera and witch hazel provide a light scent, no sticky residue, and a quick-drying solution to the "should I shower or just be a little dirty today?" conundrum.


20. The Thermometer That Tells You To Go To The Doctor

Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer, $15, Amazon

A fast, reliable way to tell if you have a temperature and need to call out of work for the day, this thermometer also connects to an incredibly useful app: It tracks your progress and symptoms, and gently reminds you when it's time to stop searching the internet for flu cures and go see a doctor. It's also rechargeable and can be plugged into your headphone jack so it'll never die, and you can even play a fun game while you're waiting for the temperature to be read.


21. A Gentle Oil That Prepares Skin For A Closer Shave

Bevel Priming Oil, $14, Amazon

If you're especially prone to nicks and cuts while shaving, a priming oil is an easy way to prevent them. Just rub the blend of soothing lavender, olive, and castor oils on the skin — it will prevent nicks, cuts, and provide a smoother shave for any razor. Reviewers write that it helps prevent ingrown hairs and bumps as well.


22. A Personal Hot Pot For Anyone Who Likes Homemade Meals Wherever They Go

Liven Electric Hot Pot, $25, Amazon

Perfect for anyone in a dorm, hotel, or office that prefers fresh, hot meals no matter the circumstance — this little electric hot pot is portable and can boil eggs, oatmeal, noodles, or soup pretty much anywhere. The stainless steel inside is durable, and it comes with a steam rack to prep vegetables or proteins, too. The cute and comfortable handle makes it easy to hold and transport, and reviewers say it works incredibly fast.


23. A Solar Lamp That Works For 70+ Hours

Sun King Portable Solar Lantern, $20, Amazon

Charge this solar lantern in the sun and get over 70 hours of light. The built-in panel and detachable stand make this an easy one to take anywhere, and it's even resistant to water. One reviewer writes: "The real deal. Third solar lantern I've purchased I this price range. The others dimmed in comparison, by a large margin."


24. A Carabiner That Holds Up To 50 Pounds

Qlipter, $18, Amazon

This versatile carabiner is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and can hold up to 50 pounds of weight. The folding, rotating hook and rubber tip make it possible to hold things like bird feeders and lanterns, and it's fantastic to just hang on a duffel bag or backpack when you go camping. Reviewers even use it as a makeshift hook to keep their purses securely off the floor.


25. The Bottle That Opens On Both Sides For Easy Cleaning

Clean Bottle, $13, Amazon

The unique square body of this water bottle will fit most cup holders, but it won't roll around or tip over quite as easily as rounder bases. Best of all, this water bottle opens on both ends for easier and more thorough clean up. It also has a wide handle that's easy to hold, is BPA-free, and comes in a few different color options.


26. A Cutting Board That Also Features A Colander

Prepworks Over The Sink Cutting Board, $22, Amazon

A cutting board that comfortably fits over your sink is already a genius invention IMO — but one that contains a removable, collapsible colander? That's almost too genius. This 24-inch board fits over most sink models, and reviewers say this is a brilliant choice for anyone who doesn't have a lot of counter space in their kitchen.


27. A Handy Desk Lamp That Does Pretty Much Everything

WILIT Desk Lamp, $30, Amazon

If you're a fan of multifunctional products, this desk lamp could be just the thing you'll swoon over. It has an LED display that shows time, temperature, and the date, it has three levels of brightness that can be changed just by a simple tap of the lamp, and the neck can be adjusted up to 150 degrees. Its eye-friendly light is suitable for office work or bedtime reading, and it has a unique faux leather finish.


28. This Replenishing Conditioner Tackles The Driest, Most Brittle Hair

Davines Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, $34, Amazon

Called a "vegetarian miracle cream," this conditioner adds moisture back to hair that's dry or brittle, leaving it stronger than it was before you used it. It's made with jojoba seed and almond oil, and reviewers say things like: "This leaves my hair looking and feeling so healthy and shiny. Even my hair stylist noticed after I started using."


29. A Charcoal Cleansing Stick That's Fortified With Tomatoes

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser Stick, $10, Amazon

This ingenious cleanser melts into a creamy lather but comes in stick form, which is incredibly useful for anyone who has a gym bag or travels a lot. The charcoal scrubs away impurities and excess oil, and the tomato extract helps to keep skin clear. This is suitable for all skin types and provides light exfoliation along with the cleansing.


30. An Acupressure Strap That Provides Relieve Wherever You Want It

Bed Of Nails Acupressure Body Strap, $30, Amazon

This 100 percent cotton strap can be applied to any part of the body that needs some relief — like the thighs, stomach, arms, and even head. The tiny little needles work on pressure points to provide some effective acupressure, and can even relieve insomnia, boost energy levels, and reduce stress or anxiety.


31. The Natural Air Fresheners That Take Care Of Your Shoes Or Your Drawers

PURGGO Natural Odor Eliminators, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

A completely natural way to remove odors from shoes, rooms, drawers, or gym bags, these odor eliminators harness the power of bamboo and hemp to get rid of smells. They're fragrance- and allergen-free, safe for people with asthma, and last over a year. The bamboo charcoal inside acts like a sponge to trap odor particles, and you can even rejuvenate these by placing them in the sunlight for an hour.


32. A Bizarre But Brilliant Pillow Made Out Of Wood

HSP Wooden Pillow, $25, Amazon

Okay, this wooden pillow is not for you to sleep all night on — but it can help realign the spine and relax the neck for a quick way to relieve nerve pressure and get blood circulating again. Made from 100 percent natural Paulownia wood from South Korea, it can also be placed under the abdomen or behind the knees to reduce fatigue, and reviewers say things like: " I put my electric heating pad over it and then lay my neck on it, rolling it side to side - it really feels great at the end of a day. You can also manage it to massage your lower and upper back."


33. A Book That Helps You Keep Track Of All Your, Um, Other Books

The Book Lovers Journal, $13, Amazon

Perfect for bookworms or anyone who can't remember the last few dozen books they read, this adorable journal provides a space to write down the things you loved to read, the books you'd like to read next, and even has some space to remind you of the books you need to return. One reviewer writes: "There's a page at the beginning for the owner's name, some pages for a table of contents, and then over 100 pages for the books you record. It's very simple, while still remaining thorough."


34. A Comfortable Desk That Actually Holds Your Book Open For You

Portable Curved Shape Lap Desk, $28, Amazon

If you work from home or just like to read on your couch, this lap desk has a unique curved shape that rests on the arm of a sofa or chair, and also has two secure straps to keep books and magazines open. Reviewers say the edges are completely smooth, it's sturdy, and the perfect size for laptops.


35. The Puff That Looks Adorable While You're Blending Your Makeup

Holika Holika Egg Puff, $5, Amazon

This latex-free sponge blender is just the thing to easily blend cream or liquid foundation without any streaks. It's large, squishy, and won't absorb a lot of product — and can be used to contour or apply under eye concealer with its pointed tip. Reviewers say things like: "This is by far the best beauty sponge I've used aside from the original beauty blender... I cannot believe how soft it is." They also rave that the little face doesn't wear out over time.


36. A Sunscreen That Also Protects Against Dust Particles

Dr Jart+ Every Day Sun Fluid, $22, Amazon

Most of us know that we should apply SPF daily to protect ourselves from the sun — but this unique, SPF 50+ version from Dr. Jart+ also provides a barrier from fine dust particles, which can clog pores or dirty up skin. The cypress water and seaweed extract purify skin, and the liquid gel hydrates without being too sticky.


37. This Incredibly Brilliant Little Invention That Holds All Your Bobby Pins

Bobby Pin And Hair Clip Magnetic Holder, $14, Amazon

If you're one to constantly lose your bobby pins or hair clips, this adorable holder is a fantastic invention — it's magnetic, so it manages to keep them all in one place for once. You can even find them on the floor by running this along your carpet or under your dresser. It's also great for travel and comes in teal and pink.


38. A Charging Dock That Also Doubles As A Phone Stand

WINSTION Charging Dock, $17, Amazon

This portable dock quickly charges your iPhone, but it also holds it upright and in place so you can watch videos or FaceTime while it's still plugged in. It easily connects to any USB, and will still work with a phone case. One reviewer writes: " I love being able to have my phone not just laying down next to me on my nightstand but kind of standing up. It makes it much easier to see the clock."


39. A Comfortable Way To Secure Your Wireless Headphones To Your Ears

Ear Buddyz, $12, Amazon

If you own wireless headphones but are incredibly convinced they will fall out of your ear and into a sewer drain the minute you walk onto a city street, why not have some peace of mind? These comfortable covers grip your ear and provide some very welcome extra support by conforming to the groove of your inner ear. They're fantastic for running, biking, and any other strenuous activity — but made for those of us who are just a little clumsy.


40. The Heavy Duty Natural Soap That Completely Gets Rid Of Grease And Makeup

Grip Clean Heavy Duty Soap, $10, Amazon

A natural way to remove pretty much any mess your hands got into, this heavy duty soap gets rid of grease, tree sap, makeup, oil, and odors. It's scented with lime essential oil, it's delicate enough to use anywhere on the body, and it won't dry out skin at all. It was featured on Shark Tank, and it's fortified with coconut oil, olive oil, and cosmetic-grade clay that can absorb 10 times its weight.


41. A Bizarre Hair Curler That Gives You Voluminous Waves

Hair Curling 3 Barrel Waver, $30, Amazon

If you love volume and waves, don't let the odd look of this three-barrel waver's fool you — it'll easily create the loose, effortless hair of your dreams. The barrels are coated in ceramic to protect hair from heat damage, it heats up fast for instant results, and the LED screen clearly lets you choose the right temperature for you.


42. The Paper Towels You Can Reuse Over 100 Times

Bambooee Roll, $10, Amazon

Using paper towels is such a waste, but man, are they useful to have around. Fortunately, there are these reusable bamboo towels, which work exactly like regular paper towels but can be rinsed up to 100 times. They're super durable, machine washable, and are made from rayon that comes from an organic bamboo source. They're fantastic for dusting, wiping down counters, and cleaning floors — and for every roll purchased, the company will even plant a tree.


43. A Book That Will Inspire You To Smash All Your Goals

Your Best Year Ever, $15, Amazon

A five-step plan to achieve all your goals? Count me in. This book by Michael Hyatt gives readers a clear plan that helps to close the gap between reality and their wildest dreams. It'll tackle things like how to avoid quitting, what's holding you back at the moment, and works to help you overcome past setbacks. Reviewers write things like: "This book is for people who are ready to challenge their mindset, put the past in its proper place, fuel their future, renew their purpose and take some serious action. At the end of each chapter has simple templates to prioritize and plan out your next steps."


44. The Pad You Can Use In The Shower — Which Is Obviously Where All Your Brilliant Ideas Happen

Aqua Notes, $16, Amazon

Who amongst us doesn't have their best ideas in the shower? With this waterproof notepad, you'll never forget them again — it even has 40 perforated pages so you can take your grocery list and run with it. Best of all, it has secure suction cups to stick onto any surface, and even comes with a pencil that also has a suction cup.


45. The Brilliant Chopper That Uses A Pull String To Get The Perfect Dice

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop, $25, Amazon

The sharp stainless steel blades of this chopper easily pulverize any food you put in it, but the brilliant part is the pull cord — it allows you to totally customize how much you chop and dice without electricity. The non-slip base keeps things steady, and it holds up to 2 cups of food. The base is dishwasher-safe, and the blades move independently of each other for faster results.


46. A Reusable Food Wrap That Keeps All Your Food Incredibly Fresh

Organic Reusable Food Wrap, $18 (3 Pack), Amazon

These reusable food wraps are free of plastic, and has an antimicrobial seal to keep anything you put in it fresh — wrap it around bowls, put leftover pizza in it, cover containers, and more. They're made of cotton fabric that's been infused with USDA certified organic beeswax, jojoba oil, cinnamon oil, and clove essential oil. They won't add flavor to food, and easy to clean with just cold water and a sponge.

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