These 46 Little-Known Products On Amazon Are Actually Incredible

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I'm somebody who roots for the underdog. Maybe it's because I watched Air Bud as a kid. Maybe it's because I'm so short, I always need help reaching for things at the grocery store. I'm not here to analyze, I'm here to introduce you to some little-known products on Amazon that are actually incredible — even though they're not the same big dogs you see on the bestsellers list every day.

Finding hidden gems that work just as great as the products that are always lauded with praise is a bit of a hobby of mine. Why? Because we all know about the high-end face masks that everyone on YouTube is raving about. We all know about the kitchen gadgets with a cult-following or the products that have a wait-list because they're so popular. But there's so much more out there — and once you find it, you can reveal your cool, in-the-know shopping secrets when people ask you why your under eyes look so hydrated or why you have a notepad in your shower.

These little-known innovations on Amazon are basically the equivalent of the great bands you see perform in dive bars before they're discovered and end up on your radio every hour on the hour. And while I'm almost a little protective of them, perhaps it's time for them to have their moment in the spotlight. Because there's no rules that say a dog can't play basketball — and there's nothing stopping you from owning these game-changing products that you'll surely love.

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