These 60 Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists Are Genius

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There are products we need in life, like dishwasher soap and coffee makers, and there are products we really, really want. Since we're all living on Amazon these days, it comes as no surprise when things that fall into the latter category are products most added to Amazon wish lists. Why? Because they're genius, of course.

I mean, they're so genius that you'll soon find yourself shifting them over from your "I want" to your "I need" list. The line between those categories is bound to get super foggy when the products in question include things like sponges that never, ever get moldy and a Crockpot food warmer you can bring to work so that you always have warm lunch.

It goes without saying: Life-changing products can and should be considered a need, right? Amazon keeps careful track of its most wanted items, and a lot of these end up on wish lists. Whether you're a passionate home cook, a tech genius, or someone who could use a little organization in their life, or all of the above, there's a genius product on this list that will enrich your life. That could come in the form of saving space in an apartment, or just shielding your hands from all of the drying elements that want to destroy your cuticles — there really is something for everyone.

So get in there and add some of these innovative Amazon products to your own wish list. And then click buy, of course.

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