These 60 Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists Are Genius

There are products we need in life, like dishwasher soap and coffee makers, and there are products we really, really want. Since we're all living on Amazon these days, it comes as no surprise when things that fall into the latter category are products most added to Amazon wish lists. Why? Because they're genius, of course.

I mean, they're so genius that you'll soon find yourself shifting them over from your "I want" to your "I need" list. The line between those categories is bound to get super foggy when the products in question include things like sponges that never, ever get moldy and a Crockpot food warmer you can bring to work so that you always have warm lunch.

It goes without saying: Life-changing products can and should be considered a need, right? Amazon keeps careful track of its most wanted items, and a lot of these end up on wish lists. Whether you're a passionate home cook, a tech genius, or someone who could use a little organization in their life, or all of the above, there's a genius product on this list that will enrich your life. That could come in the form of saving space in an apartment, or just shielding your hands from all of the drying elements that want to destroy your cuticles — there really is something for everyone.

So get in there and add some of these innovative Amazon products to your own wish list. And then click buy, of course.

1. A Modern Binder That Fits Your Tools And Gadgets

gru Gear Strapbook Classic Gadget Universal Organizer and Binder, $17, Amazon

The binder and organizer you need these days bears little resemblance to your classic school supplies designed to fit papers and folders. This strapbook binder has space for your gadgets, tools (like cables and chargers), and even your makeup. And when it comes to protecting your gear, weather-resistant nylon and polyurethane leather covers with a secure strap ensure your belonging are kept in place.


2. A Hand Lotion That Moisturizes And Protects Hands From Future Irritation

Gloves in a Bottle Shielding Lotion, $17, Amazon

Dry hands need more than just immediate relief — this shielding lotion for hands creates an invisible barrier that protects hands from future irritation. Similar to an invisible pair of gloves, this lotion bonds with the outer-most layer of skin cells to prevent moisture loss. Your skin breathes better than if you were wearing a heavy lotion that coats the skin, plus this formula does not wash off. It's great for anyone who suffers from psoriasis or eczema, and even doubles as a protective foot lotion.


3. A Refrigerator Odor Neutralizer That Lasts Six Times Longer Than Baking Soda

Nonscents Refrigerator Deodorizer, $11, Amazon

If you're using baking soda to get rid of funky smells from your fridge, there's an even better way: these longer-lasting Nonscents refrigerator deodorizers, which are scientifically proven to banish smells within hours. This leak-proof, biodegradable container can be placed anywhere in your fridge or freezer, where it will continue to neutralize odors and prevent mold and mildew for up to six times longer than baking soda. One reviewer says she put it to the ultimate test and it saved the day: It removed fish odors from her refrigerator like a champ.


4. A Portable Crock-Pot Lunch Box That Keeps Food Warm

Crock-Pot 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer, $18, Amazon

What's the point of making delicious meals for your office lunch if, by the time lunch rolls around, they're cold as ice — or, worse, have to be reheated in an untrustworthy office microwave. This genius Crock-Pot lunch food warmer is kind of like a lunchbox, but better: It holds 20-ounces of food and keeps your lunch warm for hours. You can leave its warming base at work and transport the removable food container (which has a convenient handle) back and forth from home. Once you arrive at work, keep your food warm until you're ready to eat — and then toss the container in your dishwasher. So easy.


5. A Workbook With Checklists That Helps You Become More Organized

Cluttered Mess to Organized Success Workbook, $16, Amazon

Sometimes it isn't enough to say you want to become more organized — you've got to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. This organization workbook features more than 100 checklists and worksheets that provide guidance and tips on how to declutter your home and lift to make more room for everything that truly matters. One reviewer writes: "


6. A Stress-Reducing Therapy Putty Kit For Anxiety and Tactile Sensitivities

Bodyhealt Therapy Putty Special Kit, $14, Amazon

Move over, stress balls, there's a new stress-relieving tool in town. This therapy putty kit features four jars of colored non-toxic putty that come in varying textures — extra soft to extra firm — to help exercise your hands and fingers or provide a source for anxiety relief. Occupational and physical therapy specialists often use this putty to provide tactile stimulation for children and adults with sensory processing or integration needs.


7. A Natural, Probiotic Charcoal Toothpaste That Cleans And Brightens Teeth Without Chemicals

Hyperbiotics Probiotic Charcoal Toothpaste, $16, Amazon

Many dental products contain chemicals that aren't totally ideal for you to consume — which explains why you can't swallow toothpaste. But this natural probiotic charcoal toothpaste is a healthier alternative, and it's one that polishes away plaque and kills bacteria using purifying activated charcoal. You won't find fluoride, Triclosan, or artificial colors or flavors in this products, and it even provides teeth whitening benefits you can't get from most ordinary toothpastes. One reviewer writes: "I was pleasantly surprised by the change in my mouth. My breath improved and my teeth have become cleaner and whiter over the short period of time."


8. A Rubik's Cube-Style Power Strip With USB Charging Ports

JSVER Cube Power Strip, $17, Amazon

Designed like a Rubik's cube, this portable power strip has three smart USB charging ports that can charge devices at the same time without getting cables and wires tangled up together. An LED indicator lets you know when your device is fully charged, and the charging ports are able to detect the exact charging needs of different devices. It also has protection against overcharging and short-circuiting.


9. A Fuss-Free Popcorn Maker That Looks Old-School But Cooks Kernels In No Time

Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper, $18, Amazon

Judging by appearances only, this adorable retro-looking popcorn maker looks like it will pop your popcorn kernels in, oh, a few hours. But looks are deceiving: This heat-resistant borosilicate glass popper is designed for your microwave and it gets the popcorn popping job done in just 3 minutes — no need to check in on it, either. The BPA-free maker is even dishwasher-friendly.


10. An Anti-Redness Gommage Peeling Gel Gentle Enough To Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

A.H.C Radiance Gommage Peeling Gel, $20, Amazon

Gentle Korean beauty gommage peeling gels are all the rage, but they aren't all created equal. This effective exfoliant is ideal for sensitive skin, because it has more in common with a hydrating mask than it does with a harsh microdermabrasion treatment. Apply the paste to your face and leave it on for a few minutes, allowing ingredients like ginseng extract and pearl powder to exfoliate dead skin cells and soften your skin. When you rinse the mask off, you'll be left with smoother, healthier skin that isn't the slightest bit red or irritated.


11. The Gel Toe Separators That Stretch Your Feet And Reduce Foot Pain

FootRestPro Toe Separators, $11, Amazon

If you have foot pain, bunions, hammertoe, or seriously fatigued feet from dancing, walking, or running, consider these gel toe separators a personal massage for your aching toes and feet. Designed with medical-grade gel that stretches to accommodate your toes, they help make your toes more flexible, all while improving blood circulation to your feet. And, of course, they double as excellent toe separators for DIY pedicure sessions.


12. A Conditioning Comb Infused With Argan Oil To Give You Silky Soft Hair

Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Rake Comb, $7, Amazon

Help move things along while you're detangling your hair — without pulling or breaking strands — when you rely on this hair conditioning rake comb, which is infused with nutrient-rich argan and olive oils. This comb is designed with keratin protein-infused plastic and is ideal for mid-length, long, or thick hair. Reviewers say this easily resolves tangles, even in very thick, curly hair, and that it leaves hair shinier and more manageable.


13. A Comfortable Travel Pillow That Supports Your Neck And Can Be Rolled Up To Save Space

MyPillow Roll N Go, $25, Amazon

Whether you're already a fan of cult-favorite MyPillow and have one on your bed, or are new to the brand and just need a travel pillow that is comfortable and fits in your luggage, this portable pillow belongs on your radar. The pillow itself is medium-firm and provides excellent lumbar support for your neck, plus it rolls right into its own case and fits easily in luggage. Reviewers use it everywhere, including on planes, where they swear it's comfy whether you've scored a window seat or are stuck in a middle seat.


14. An Adjustable Console Armrest That Gives Your Arms A Break And Boasts A Pocket For Your Phone

ChiTronic Car Center Console Armrest, $20, Amazon

Make your commute a more comfortable one with this car center console armrest, which is ergonomically designed to cradle your arm, making your more comfortable while you're at the wheel. This cushion armrest attaches to the console lid with two elastic and adjustable straps. There's even a pocket on the head of the cushion that can fit your smartphone.


15. A Heated Hair Straightening Brush That Works Fast And Gives You Smoother Hair

Glamfields Hair Straightening Brush, $38, Amazon

Get straighter, smoother, silkier hair — fast — with this electric hair straightening brush, which heats up in just 40 seconds and releases negative ions to reduce static and frizz. Choose among 12 heat settings for all hair types, from thin or fine to curly and coarse, and then simply run the brush through your hair the way you would any other brush — the difference being this straightens hair and makes it glossy and healthy-looking. It also automatically shuts off if no one uses it for 30 minutes.


16. A Foldable And Portable Phone Stand That Keeps Your Phone Safe

Quirkio Cell Phone Stand, $12, Amazon

Your cell phone will be sturdier and less likely to fall — or accumulate germs and bacteria — when you store it on this cell phone stand. It's portable, foldable, fits right in your pocket, and is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices. The anti-scratch silicone pad that won't bang up your phone, even when it's out of its case. It comes in four colors: black, silver, gold, and rose gold.


17. A Foot Peel Mask That Gets Rid Of Cuticles And Every Bit Of Dry Skin

Bea Luz Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask, $20 (2 Pairs), Amazon

Wear this foot peel mask on your feet for 60 to 90 minutes and relax as natural plant enzymes work hard to slough away dead skin cells that are making your feet rough and dry. Nothing will happen at first — but just wait: 4 to 7 days later your feet will start peeling like nobody's business, and your feet will be baby smooth in no time.


18. An Adults-Only Card Game That Brings Out The Worst In You (In The Best Possible Way)

Sleep in a Bucket, $16, Amazon

This adult party game consists of 250 cards that contain some pretty horrible (but hilarious) scenarios. Each player faces a challenge: to convince the judge that their card is the absolute worst. This game comes to you from the creators of Drunk Stoned or Stupid, and reviewers say things like: "SO MUCH FUN. Sleep in a Bucket is a game for those who want to have a great time discussing some pretty hilarious and creative situations. The cards are high quality and there are enough to where you don't get sick of them no matter how often you play."


19. A Spot Remover That Can Get Rid Of The Most Stubborn Stains

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Can anyone honestly keep track of whether you need salt or seltzer to remove red wine, oil, or ink stains? Of course not — and this spot remover makes it possible not to have to think about stain solutions again. Just one drop gets rid of classic stubborn stains like wine, blood, grease, grass, makeup, and more. It comes in a portable package and is safe on fabric and upholstery.


20. A Butterfly-Shaped Memory Foam Pillow That Works For All Sleeping Positions

Kacat Memory Foam Bed Pillow, $27, Amazon

Support your neck, head, and shoulders no matter how you sleep with this butterfly-shaped memory foam pillow that is designed to cradle your neck and body — and it's great for anyone who sleeps on their back, side, or stomach. The pillow comes covered in a hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant soft velvet cover that zips all the way around the pillow, and can be removed and washed. It has a center cavity for your head, wedge extension for additional support, and memory foam that sustains its shape after months and years of putting pressure on it.


21. A Hypoallergenic Mulberry Silk Pillow Case That Makes Bed Head A Thing Of The Past

Yanibest 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, $24, Amazon

You won't regret making the switch to this 100 percent natural mulberry silk pillowcase, which is hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens and dust mites — and boasts its share of beauty benefits. Sleeping on silk can reduce the damage you cause to your hair while you sleep, and could mean waking up with fewer tangles and static, all while helping to prevent breakouts. This pillowcase comes in 12 colors and four sizes.


22. An Herbal Tea That Stops Flu And Cold Symptoms Dead In Their Tracks

Hey Girl Tea Immune System Booster, $18 (18 Pack), Amazon

The sooner you can eliminate awful flu and cold symptoms, the better equipped your body will be to rest peacefully — which helps you heal faster. This herbal tea has a honey-lemon flavor and is packed with herbs, antioxidants, and vitamins that take the bite out of your sickness. Plus, sipping tea is way more soothing than popping pills and supplements — linger over a cup in the morning and then refuel throughout the day to give your immune system the boost it needs.


23. A Glass Herb Keeper That Keeps Parsley And Basil Fresh

Gourmet 2Day Glass Herb Keeper, $22, Amazon

Most of the time when you buy herbs, you're forced to ring up way more than you'll be using for your recipe and then, unless you're planning on putting that dill or parsley to use that same week, it ends up wilting in your fridge. This glass herb keeper provides an aesthetically pleasing solution: store herbs you won't be using in its BPA-free, leak-proof borosilicate glass case for up to 2 weeks and display them on your counter or fridge.


24. These Odor-Fighting Shoe Insoles Made With Activated Charcoal

Dr. Scholl's Odor-X Odor-Fighting Insoles, $20 (2 Pairs), Amazon

Remove odors from your shoes and keep them smelling fresh by keeping these odor-fighting insoles — made with activated charcoal — in your shoes at all times. The insoles absorb sweat and help keep your feet dry all day long, no matter how much walking you have to do. Bonus: they're constructed from durable foam and make your shoes even more comfortable than before.


25. An Essential Oils Blend That Relieves Headache Pain

Nutravana Headache Relief, $17, Amazon

Find fast headache relief when you add a few drops of this essential oil blend to your diffuser, sit back, and relax. Peppermint, lavender, and spearmint oils have been proven to help muscles and sinuses relax. This oil already comes mixed with carrier coconut oil, so you can also add a drop or two to your temples and wrists and breathe deeply to help combat pain.


26. A Tool That Makes It Super Easy To Sharpen Knives And Scissors

Markkeer Professional 4 Stage Sharpening System, $14, Amazon

Prepping food with a dull set of knives and scissors is both a surefire way to make it take even longer to slice through veggies and meat and it's dangerous — you're more likely to cut yourself as you struggle to make cutlery do its job. This knife and scissor sharpener sits right on your counter and has a design that makes it effective for a variety of knives or scissors. Sharpening your knives is as easy as positioning them on the sharpening slot and waiting for this device to work its magic.


27. A Tea Infuser Travel Mug With Separate Compartments For Tea Leaves And Tea

Romaunt Tea Infuser Bottle, $36, Amazon

Simplify your morning routine by making your tea right in this travel tea infuser bottle and mug, which has a center valve and a separate compartment for tea leaves and tea so that you can control the extraction concentration you prefer. Made from BPA-free Tritan, this cup can double as a coffee mug and withstands extremely hot and cold temperatures — and it comes with a protective case and carabiner keychain.


28. A Survival Tool Kit That's The Size Of A Credit Card

Survival Hax Tactical Credit Card Wallet Tool, $15, Amazon

Carry every survival tool you could possibly need right in your wallet, thanks to this credit card wallet tool that's so slim and sleek, it takes up pretty much no space at all. The small kit features 12 tools that include a knife, magnifying glass, compass, ruler, bottle opener, and more.


29. These Handy And Space-Saving Shoe Organizers

Shoe Slotz Space Saver, $17 (15 Piece), Amazon

Gone are the days when you try to organize your shoes in the closet and they wind up a mixed-up mess or all over the floor. These Shoe Slotz Space Savers are shoe organizing storage units that can fit heels, sneakers, ankle boots, and other shoes. They'll make it a snap to find the shoes you want to wear that day, and they'll help give you back your closet space.


30. A Deep-Tissue Massage Ball For Relief From Muscle Aches

RumbleRoller Original Beastie, $25, Amazon

This tool may look like a mystical crystal, but it's actually a deep-tissue massage roller that can relieve aches and pains even more effectively than your average foam roller. All of those bumps help provide an intense massage anywhere — from your feet and calves to your shoulders and face. It comes with a base for storage, and reviewers write things like: "It's like magic!"


31. A Light Therapy Lamp That Will Turn Your Darkest Room Into A Sunny Day At Noon

Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp, $65, Amazon

Don't let Seasonal Affective Disorder or a lack of light during the wintertime make you feel less energetic. This light therapy lamp delivers a UV filtered full spectrum white light that mimics a sunny day at noon, and is absolutely perfect for keeping on your desk or at work — anywhere you need a boost of energy and cheeriness. This lamp can be adjusted to three light settings and its LED lights last 50,000 hours.


32. A Microfiber Towel That Absorbs Moisture And Dries Fast

RainLeaf Microfiber Towel, $9-$21, Amazon

Consider this microfiber towel an essential that you need at the gym, pool, beach, or while camping. It absorbs moisture fast and is antibacterial and less likely to accumulate mildew and mold than other towels. It comes in six sizes, seven colors, and each towel comes with a reusable and waterproof carry bag with a snap loop to keep it secure.


33. A Leak-Proof Collapsible Water Bottle That Folds Up For Travel

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle, $22, Amazon

Ditch plastic bottles for good — this safer, BPA- and toxin-free collapsible water bottle is perfect for everyday use, and it has a secret power to save you space: it's collapsible and folds up to fit anywhere. This dishwasher-safe and freezable bottle has a leak-proof sealing twist cap that can also be used as a spout cover and is made from 100 percent food-grade safe silicone — so no need to worry about it shattering if it falls. It comes in nine colors like aqua blue, purple, and neon pink.


34. A Mineral Powder That Controls Shine And Sets Your Makeup

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, $9, Amazon

This smart makeup/skincare hybrid is a mineral powder formulated with Jeju minerals and mint extract that balances your skin's natural oils and sops up excess sebum that can clog pores. After your makeup routine, check your face for any oily spots — eyelids, foreheads, and noses tend to be oil-producing culprits — then lightly apply this powder to those areas to control shine for hours.


35. An Egg Slicer And Wedger That Gives You Serious Cred In The Kitchen

Gourmia Egg Slicer & Wedger, $8, Amazon

Slicing delicate eggs in an orderly fashion takes a trained chef's skill — unless you own this egg slicer and wedger, which basically makes you look like you went to cooking school. This tool features stainless steel blades that manually chop eggs in seconds, and gives you the option of cutting eggs into crosswise slices, wedges, or dicing them into tiny pieces. It's BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and so compact it will hardly take up room in your drawer.


36. A Handheld Strap For Your Tablet That Doubles As A Stand

Fintie Universal Tablet Hand Strap Holder, $16, Amazon

Stop getting the screen of your device all mucked up with fingerprints — this hand strap holder for tablets is compatible with a slew of devices and provides a way to hold onto your expensive tablet comfortably with one hand, thereby preventing it from falling and breaking while you're using it. The strap doubles as a stand and has a 360-degree swiveling mechanism so you can easily adjust it while watching videos or working.


37. A Roomier, More Comfy Sleep Mask That Blocks Out All Light

Unimi Sleep Mask, $8, Amazon

Experience complete darkness and get better quality sleep when you wear this sleep mask, which boasts a much wider eye space than most masks. Designed with "art invisible foam" around the nose, this 3-D contoured mask sits flat on your face to block out most light (one reviewer says she can't even tell when the sun rises and shines through her window while wearing this mask). This mask is also described as incredibly comfortable — and it won't pinch your skin or head.


38. A Makeup Palette Organizer For All Of Those Gorgeous Eyeshadow And Contour Palettes

byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Palette Organizer, $23, Amazon

Most makeup organizers contain just enough room for eyeliners, lipsticks, single eyeshadows, and mascaras — but where the heck are you supposed to store all of those amazing makeup palettes you're collecting? Put them right here: This makeup palette organizer can store more than 10 palettes of various sizes, thanks to removable dividers.


39. An Adjustable Laptop Table That Can Be Used Anywhere

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Bed Table, $45, Amazon

This adjustable laptop table is much larger than most trays and can accommodate bigger laptops for a more comfortable working experience. The workstation can be adjusted both for height and angle, and it folds flat for easy storage in small spaces. You can also use this table as a standing desk or for enjoying snacks and meals.


40. A 6-Tier Skirt Hanger That Will Save You Closet Space

DOIOWN 6 Tier Skirt Hangers, $19 (2 Pieces), Amazon

If your clothes are swallowing your closet alive, you need a better storage solution — this 6 tier skirt hanger is the answer. Each hanger can hold up to six skirts, pairs of trousers, or jeans. Slidable metal clips are durable, won't scratch your clothing, and are strong enough to keep a firm grip on weightier wool clothing or jackets.


41. A Mold And Mildew-Resistant Sponge That Never Stinks

Pura Naturals Stink Free Sponge, $17 (6 Pack), Amazon

Sponges can get stinky fast — and just imagine what's causing that smell and how gross it is to transfer bacteria back to plates and glasses when you wash dishes. These Pura sponges actually repel water, bacteria, and germs, but are excellent at trapping grease, oils, and chemicals. Use them for dishes, but also to clean stainless steel, bathrooms, glass, grills, and more.


42. A Stretch Strap With Multiple Grips For Deep Stretching

Gaiam Restore Multi-Grip Stretch Strap, $13, Amazon

Prevent muscle injury with a more efficient stretching session — the kind you can get from using this stretch strap, which has multiple grip options for various deep stretches. Use this strap for yoga, Pilates, or before and after workouts to stretch out every part of your body and keep you flexible, healthy, and free of tension and pain. One reviewer writes: "This yoga strap does wonders! Being new to yoga this has really helped deepen my practice with ease. I love having different lengths for different postures. A must have!"


43. A Pen-Size Hairspray With Natural, Hydrating Ingredients

Bad, Baby Haircare Hairspray Pen, $15, Amazon

Take this hairspray everywhere — literally, pop it in your clutch or purse — thanks to its compact design, this pen-size hairspray can travel. The lightweight spray, which is delivered in aerosol form, contains hydrating and natural ingredients like natural milk thistle oil and apricot oil, and you won't find parabens, sulfates, or phthalates in the formula.


44. A Pasta Boat That Makes The Perfect Portion Of Pasta Each Time Without Wasting Water

Hot Pasta Boat, $16, Amazon

Put away your pots and pans and put an end to arguing with friends over how much water you truly need to cook pasta — the Hot Pasta Boat handles everything for you. Add pasta, fill the water up to the specific lines, pop the boat into your microwave, and the perfect portion of pasta is yours in minutes. This bowl can also be used to store pasta or other food and as a colander. You can even seam vegetables in it, and one reviewer writes: "I love this Pasta Boat. It is so Easy, all the way around. Easy to use, Easy Cooking, Easy Clean-up."


45. These Knob Protectors For Cutting Boards Prevent Cross-Contamination Of Foods

Dreamfarm Chobs 2-Inch Knob Protectors, $16, Amazon

Get more use out of one chopping board and prevent cross-contamination by applying these knob protectors to the board. The protectors lift up your cutting board so that you can use both sides of it, and cute icons indicate whether the board side you're using is for produce or raw meat and fish to keep your cooking space hygienic.


46. 2 Smart Plugs That Connect To WiFi So You Can Control Your Devices From A Distance (Even From Bed)

KKUP2U Smart Plug, $27, Amazon

Plug two smart plugs into one outlet to power your devices and never worry about outages. This plug connects to WiFi and is compatible with Android and iOS — so in addition to saving you space, the plug allows you to control your devices from anywhere, whether that means turning lights on or off from a distance, or starting the coffee machine before you get out of bed.


47. The Pimple Patches You Wear Overnight To Heal Acne Fast

Mighty Patch, $13, Amazon

After you've exhausted every acne medication and aren't sure where to turn, try something natural and effective: Korean beauty pimple patches that you wear overnight. Each natural, vegan patch is made with hydrocolloid and pectin to dry pus and help heal pimples faster (the fact that the patches keep you from picking at your zits helps). Each packet comes with 36 pimple patches that are safe for all skin types.


48. A Produce Storage Container That Holds More Than 11 Cups Of Veggies Or Fruit

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container, $16, Amazon

A super large produce saver food storage container that holds up to 11.1 cups of fruit and veggies, this product will make you feel way better about buying big patches of produce. Its CrispTray prevents moisture from reaching produce, and vents on the lid keep air flowing so that foods don't become spoiled. This works best as a storage solution for produce before you wash it.


49. A Plug-In Pest Repeller That Works On Everything From Mice To Roaches And Is Safer Than Sprays

EHouse Pest Control Ultrasonic Repeller, $20, Amazon

Insect repellant sprays may work, but they aren't without risks, especially if you have pets or children. This plug-in pest control device is completely safe and non-toxic and works by delivering ultrasonic, bionic waves that scare off pests so that they never enter your living space. And that means never having to sweep up dead bugs or rodents in your home. The device has a USB port so you can take it anywhere.


50. A Kitchen Cabinet Organizer For Pots And Pans

Zesproka Kitchen Cabinet Pot and Pan Organizer, $17, Amazon

Store up to five pans, pots, lids, cutting boards, or bakeware on this pot and pan organizer and arrange them in your kitchen cabinet so that there's less clutter and mess in your way. Your pots and pans will last longer (there's less risk of them getting dinged up and scratched), and you'll be able to find everything you need in a flash.


51. A Solar Charger And LED Flashlight To Take With You In The Great Outdoors

Urwill Solar Charger With LED Flashlight, $25, Amazon

Stay safe and never get caught anywhere without a powered device thanks to this solar charger, which comes with an LED flashlight. The charger is so powerful it supports up to three charges for most smartphones, it's water- and shock-resistant, and its accompanying flashlight is fantastic for emergencies. One reviewer writes: "It has a nice red and blue alternating strobe which is very attention getting and the white light is pretty decent. We put this out in the sun and the solar panel immediately indiciated it was charging. It was also responsive to a heat lamp. It is a pretty good sized battery and has 2 USB ports."


52. A Silicone Slotted Spatula With A 'Cool' Handle That Will Never Burn Your Hands

Chef Frog Silicone Slotted Skimmer Spatula, $11, Amazon

How many times have you forgotten how hot cooking utensils can become and accidentally burned your fingers while prepping a meal? Exactly. This silicone slotted spatula will prevent future ouches and injuries with a "stay cool" stainless steel handle that keeps the same cool temperature. It's also fantastic for getting vegetables or pasta out of boiling water, or things like chicken wings out when you're frying. It's BPA-free, heat-resistant up to 450-degrees, and dishwasher friendly.


53. A Powerful Lint Shaver That Makes Clothing Look New Again

House of Wonderful Lint Shaver, $36, Amazon

Lint brushes are fine for small jobs, but if you have a sweater or a pair of trousers that's showing a mess of lint, you need a more powerful device, like this lint shaver, to restore your clothing and make it look new again. The stainless steel rotary blades and grill remove more lint and pills faster, without causing any damage to your clothing.


54. The Curling Wand That Gives You Perfect Spiral Curls In Minutes

Zinnor Curling Wand, $20, Amazon

This curling wand heats up in 30 seconds, evenly distributes heat for more effective curling, and features a ceramic heating tube that creates the most beautiful spiral curls in no time. The latches on the barrel hold your hair in place so that you never have to go over the same strand of hair three times to get a perfect curl. And its 360-degree anti-twine wire ensures you won't snag your hair while styling it.


55. A Motion Sensor Lightbulb For Your Porch, Basement, And Dark Areas

Luxon Motion Sensor Light Bulb, $15, Amazon

Install this motion sensor light bulb in outdoor lamps, hallways, or basements — anywhere it tends to get dark, especially after dusk. Anytime it senses motion within 15 to 19 feet, the lightbulb goes on and then turns off when the object is out of reach. Its innovative new design makes it a longer lasting bulb than traditional motion sensor light bulbs.


56. A Shelf Attached To An Outlet So Your Phone Doesn't Have To Rest On The Floor

Echogear Outlet Shelf, $15, Amazon

Installing this outlet shelf is as easy as replacing an outlet cover, only this outlet comes with a happy surprise: a top shelf where you can rest all of those devices that need to be charged. The shelf can hold up to 10 pounds, which means it's perfect for small, lightweight speakers, electric toothbrushes, tablets, and more.


57. An Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle With Measurement Markings And A Non-Drip Spout

Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle, $12, Amazon

A dash of oil can add up fast and make your salad or meal super soggy. But this olive oil dispenser provides a fool-proof way to dress up your salad or prep your pan according to a recipe: It has precise measurement markings and a non-drip spout for less mess. Its squeeze silicone button pump is perfect for emulsifying or blending liquids to create your own custom dressing, and the glass base bottom is easy to disassemble and safe in your dishwasher.


58. A Roll-On Exfoliant That Helps Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair

PFB Vanish Roll, $22, Amazon

Exfoliate and moisturize newly shaved or waxed skin with this vanish roll, and it will help release those pesky ingrown hairs that tweezers can't seem to capture. Use this on your legs, underarms, face, and anywhere else your hair follicles could use a hydrating treatment. It contains quality ingredients like camphor oil, salicylic acid, and lactic acid.


59. A Car Vent Mount For Your Phone

Nite Ize Car Vent Mount, $23, Amazon

Mount your phone to your car vent so that you can safely view directions without using your hands. This car vent mount is designed with a universal clip that lets you move it from one car to another, and the magnetic phone socket is compatible with most devices and keeps them safe and secure so they don't slip and break. The vent mount also has a steel ball that lets you adjust your device to suit different angles, so you'll always have it in clear view.


60. A Collapsible Kitchen Colander That Takes Up No Room At All

Comfify Collapsible Kitchen Colander, $24, Amazon

Now you see it, now you don't: this kitchen colander expands to fit over most sinks and can be used to drain anything from pasta to veggies — but the minute you no longer need it, simply collapse the colander and store it flat. This BPA-free dishwasher-safe colander is heat-resistant up to 158-degrees, has non-slip handles, and comes in four fun colors. But as anyone with a small kitchen knows, you need cooking tools — but you also need space, and this collapsible colander provides both.

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