These 7 Brilliant Products Will Help You Get Better Sleep

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I used to think I was a good sleeper. Sure, I was no stranger to counting sheep or waking up in the middle of the night, and I absolutely couldn't imagine my life without my beloved snooze button. But I lived in New York! City-dwellers are used to being awoken by honking horns and flashing lights at all hours of the night. Plus, we're extra prone to late nights and early mornings, so it makes sense that we're slightly dependent on our snooze buttons. Right?

It wasn't until I found myself yawning during meetings and turning down after-work dinner plans that I realized I wasn't actually getting the high quality of sleep I thought I was.

Since taking note of this small but life-changing discovery, I've started paying more attention to how my environment affects my sleep, because the truth is, it does. A lot.

As it turned it, surrounding myself with the right products — ones that are high quality and designed with good sleep in mind — was all it took for me to start sleeping through the night, and most shocking of all, to empower me to break up with my snooze button once and for all.

To prove that good sleep is indeed within reach for everyone, Bustle partnered with Brookstone to round up a list of seven lifesaving products to support you on your journey to better sleep.

1. Brookstone® Velvet Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel Pair

If you prefer to sleep in total darkness but don't want to give up the look of an elegant window treatment, then this curtain is the one for you.

Its 100 percent blackout guarantee offers a serene sense of privacy, and bonus: its thick velvet material creates a strong barrier that can help you save on heating and cooling costs. Win-win!

2. Brookstone® BioSense™ Layer Adjust Standard/Queen Memory Foam Pillow

Between reading in bed, (re)watching your favorite show, and finally dozing off, it can feel like you need a whole closet full of pillows, each suited to a specific bedtime activity.

Enter: The layer adjust pillow. It's basically three pillows in one, with three adjustable support layers — one soft, one medium, and one firm, to keep you happy and comfy.

3. Brookstone® BioSense™ Charcoal-Infused Pillow in White

These days, we put charcoal in our toothpaste and even sometimes in our ice cream, but did you know that putting it in your pillow can actually set the stage for better sleep?

This hypoallergenic pillow boasts a memory foam layer, a soft fill core, plus a removable, machine washable charcoal-infused outer cover that neutralizes odors and promotes healthy skin.

4. Brookstone® Lavender Bed Pillow in White

If you've ever caught a whiff of a lavender candle and immediately felt chilled out, you're not imagining the effect — there's growing evidence that lavender scents can help relax you and support restful sleep.

This pillow combines the power of aromatherapy and quality construction with its lavender scent infusion, supportive memory foam, and ventilating channels to ensure optimal airflow all night long.

5. Brookstone® Paxton Grommet Blackout Window Curtain Panel

If your bedroom is as much in need of an upgrade as you are in need of a full night's sleep, then this curtain is the one for you.

Show off your multitasking skills by making over your space and improving your sleep all at once with this blackout curtain. To ensure that no light gets in, it's made with a foam backing, and its unique trellis design will lend a modern touch to any bedroom.

6. Brookstone® CBD Oil-Infused Bed Pillow in White

It's no secret that anxiety can lead to interrupted and fitful nights, and that's why this pillow is the perfect way to set yourself up for your best sleep ever.

It features memory foam infused with CBD oil (which studies have shown may help with falling and staying asleep), and comes complete with a removable — and machine washable — case.

7. Brookstone® Salano Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel

Q: What's better than a curtain that blocks out those scorching rays of morning sun that so often ruin your REM cycle?

A: A curtain that looks cute doing it! This blackout curtain blocks out 100 percent of outside light, and it comes in three different floral patterns to help you strike that elusive balance between fashion and function.

So there you have it — when you have the right products on hand, getting better sleep goes from being a pipe dream to a reality.

This post is sponsored by Brookstone.