FaceApp Isn't The Only Selfie-Altering App In Town
by Lily Feinn

A new photo editing app has recently exploded in popularity, dominating social media with its semi-photo realistic transformations. If you've enjoyed playing around with FaceApp yourself, you may be looking for other apps like FaceApp to see how you can further alter your lovely mug. FaceApp uses neural networks to tweak reality and produce different versions of your face — ones of you at a different age, for example, or ones with slightly different facial expressions. The FaceApp transformations can range from realistic (it nailed the older version of me) to terrifying (the "smile" feature will give you unending nightmares) — and, of course, since many of us can't get enough of it, we're hot on the trail for other apps that might perform similar feats.

FaceApp, which is free to download on both iOS and Android devices, is incredibly simple to use; all it requires is that you snap a selfie with a neutral expression. From there, you can select one of the seven basic FaceApps filters, although more options are available with the paid "pro" version of the app. A built-in collage formatting tool even allows for easy comparisons between FaceApp's altered faces and your original photo.

FaceApp bears some similarity to Snapchat's lenses, but it differs in that it doesn't heighten the transformation to the point of slapping dog ears on your head. So, what other apps apply subtle filters that can show you your face in a whole new light? There are quite a few out there that offer different versions of FaceApp's popular filters or allow you to augment your face and body in a fun and (mostly) realistic way. Check out the list below to see what other FaceApp alternatives are out there and ready to become the next big thing.



Lily Feinn/Bustle

One of the most popular filters FaceApp offers adds an additional forty years to your face. While FaceApp's "old" filter is highly realistic, however, this type of service has actually been around for a while. One of the first on the scene was "AgingBooth" — a free app available for download on iOS and Android devices that add years using face detection to any photos taken with the in-app camera or downloaded from your photo library. (The app does not "guarantee resemblance to the real aging process," though, so those who wish to get a glimpse into the future probably shouldn't put too much faith in its results.) Other similar apps include Oldify 2 and Old Booth, if you want to try a few different options.



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Ever wonder what you would look like with a tattoo? Inkhunter is a free app available for iOS that uses augmented reality to give you a realistic glimpse into what a tattoo might look like on your body. Users can choose from a library of diverse sketches or even upload their own artistic designs. All you have to do is draw a smiley face where you want the tattoo positioned, and the app will use AR technology to superimpose the design in place. Give this app a try before making your ink, well, permanent.


YouCam Makeup: Selfie Makeover

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The YouCam Makeup app will give you a fairly realistic makeover in real-time or in a selfie. Simply take a picture of yourself with the in-app camera, then shop products and alter your style however you like. Like FaceApp, the changes this app makes are subtle, allowing users to get a better sense of what they might actually look like with different hair colors and styles, colored contacts, false lashes, freckles, contouring, or bright lip colors. Best of all, the app is free to download on iOS and Android. If you're thinking of changing up your look for the summer, it's well worth a spin.



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Meitu has been around since 2008 and remains one of the most popular photo editing apps around. The free version, available on both iOS and Android, will subtly shade and tint your selfies on a level from "slightly airbrushed" to "boy! that's a lot of Vaseline on that lens!" It also has Snapchat-esque capabilities, such as enlarging your eyes to make you look preternaturally surprised or making you a bonafide "cutie" with the "Cute Selfie Dynamic Camera" — an option that "paints" your photo to make you look like you stepped out of an anime.



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Those looking to transform their appearances in real time should look no further than MSQRD. The app's live filters allows users to stream videos as a zombie, astronaut, or panda. It also offer more subtle filter options, such as the one that gave me a hipster beard using AR technology. Like FaceApp, MSQRD also has an "old" mask, as well as numerous other options to play around with. The free app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.