These Jeans Have Three Waistbands Because Why Not

Courtesy of ASOS

Airplanes are equipped with multiple backup engines and systems. So, why settle for one waistband on your jeans when you can have... three? ASOS is selling triple waistband jeans complete with three sets of buttons. Naturally.

Teen Vogue unearthed the existence of this unusual denim. The publication noted that the "weird jeans" trend has been big for the past year and change. Remember the clear knee pair? Or the detachable jeans? It's OK if you had totally expunged them from your memory because they were too much of a "does not compute" moment for you.

These might be the most extra jeans we have ever seen, though. They are the actual antithesis of the waistband-free pair that Mariah Carey infamously wore in the video for "Heartbreaker."

Several waistbands might seem like a curious redundancy but they certainly result in a unique look. The three waistbands are stacked on top of one another somewhat asymmetrically. The bottom layer is low slung, like a pair of '00s denim. It's also slightly crooked.

The Straight Leg Triple Waistband Jean essentially accomplishes the impossible — it's both a high and low rise jean at once. These wacky pants singularly satisfy all of your denim dreams.

Courtesy of ASOS

ASOS Straight Leg Triple Waistband Jeans, $38,

It's not obvious from the photos just how functional all three of the waistbands and buttons are. There looks to be one zipper — and only the bottom waistband has belt loops. Therefore, you don't need to wear a pile of belts with these jeans.

The Vogue Blue wash is super modern, while the frayed hem is totally on trend. The straight leg is also cropped, which leads to a variety of styling options. You can pair these pants with sneakers, heels, combat boots, or ballet flats.

Courtesy of ASOS

The postier view proves these babies are this year's high-waisted mom jean. These pants also look like something that just cruised off the runway and onto the realway. They emit an expensive and fashion-foward vibe, too. But the price clocks in at under $40, which makes them a total steal.

Courtesy of ASOS

If you are a fashion rebel who likes to try totally unique styles, then you won't be able to escape the magnetic pull of the Triple Waistband jeans. Given the denim on denim on denim detail, they are best worn with a crop top or with your shirt tucked into the top waistband. That way, you can show off the stack. It's totally fine to go belt-less, too.

The ASOS jeans could totally lend a waistband (or two) to Carey's custom cut pair.

Courtesy of Topshop

These Topshop jeans featured a clear knee panels. Because fashion likes to play peek-a-boo.

Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

These detachable jeans from Opening Ceremony actually exist. Because options and versatility are preferred concepts.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Demi Lovato always has such a great rock 'n' roll style. But these jeans were a lot of look. Button-down chaps with garter belts? They were nothing if not bizarre AF. But you know what? Lovato rocked this cowgirl-inspired ensemble while performing.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lovato's onetime Disney cohort Miley Cyrus also opted for a peculiar pair of pants back in the day. This cuffed and confused, sweatpants x jeans hybrid didn't know which type of bottom it wanted to be. Was it sweats? Was it jeans? These bottoms appeared to be experiencing an existential crisis. So they elected to be both. It was new frontier for athleisure and for wacky jeans.

Unusual denim silhouettes remain on the uprise in 2018. We're expecting more wacky jeans styles to assert themselves this year. If they aren't entirely or personally wearable, they will at least be entertaining.