These Barack Obama Celebrating The AHCA Defeat Memes Will Give You Life

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If anyone had a pretty good Friday, it was former president Barack Obama. At the end of a long seven years, after Republicans sent one bill after another to his desk repealing his signature legislative achievement only to be vetoed, they came up short when they finally controlled the White House. The Obamacare replacement bill got pulled without even seeing a vote in the House, and if you ask the denizens of social media, they seem to think Obama was enjoying the whole thing ― these Obama celebrating the AHCA defeat memes will bring a little sunshine to your day.

That is, as long as you weren't part of the narrow slice of 17 percent of voters who supported the repeal and replace bill, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll. In simple terms, AHCA (also known as Trumpcare) was massively unpopular, and failed to draw enough unified support among the warring factions within the Republican House membership. Although President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan's breakneck pace surely didn't help ― while the initial battle to pass Obamacare lasted more than a year, Trumpcare was over and done with in just three weeks.

Regardless of why things went down the way they did, however, it was obvious all along that a favorable outcome for the biggest piece of Obama's legacy ― and the piece that's likely had the most vital impact on the lives of millions of Americans ― would set off an avalanche of jokes and memes.

1. Health Care Is So Hard

2. Obama Right Now Be All

3. And Then He Said

4. Obama And Boehner Right Now

5. Live Look At Obama Right Now

6. He Didn't Know Health Care Could Be So Complicated

7. As Obama Reacts

8. Obama Right Now

9. The Law Of The Land

Suffice to say Obamacare supporters and fans of the former president had a pretty good afternoon, and conservatives like Paul Ryan who longed for Trumpcare's passage had precisely the reverse. Of course, this doesn't mean the ACA is entirely out of the woods just yet, because it still faces a presidential administration that has incentives to see it fail, as well as a Republican-led Congress that's historically proven unwilling to cooperate with Democrats on tweaks and fixes to mend flaws in the law.

But still, there's no harm in taking a second to feel good about all the activism and advocacy that led to this point, to say nothing of browsing through some slick, funny Barack Obama memes. After all, as Joe Biden once famously said when Obamacare was passed in 2010, the Trumpcare collapse is the very definition of "a big f*****g deal."