Twitter Is Standing Up To Hatred With These Barcelona Tributes


After a van reportedly rammed into a crowd in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona, Spain, the internet shared heartwarming tributes and tweets for Barcelona and its people. According to authorities, at least 13 people has lost their lives while dozens were injured after the vehicle hit the tourist-heavy area. At this moment, the police are characterizing the event as an attack of terrorism.

Las Ramblas is known for its tourism and attracts thousands of visitors from other countries on an annual basis, especially in late summer, for its range of bars, shopping centers, and local entertainment events. It is one of the areas in Barcelona where the city council has restricted traffic flow due to the frequency and congestion caused by on-foot pedestrians.

According to authorities, witnesses heard "screaming" and "stampeding" during the harrowing incident. Local police authorities claim that one person has been arrested in relation to the terror attack.

Shortly after the reports emerged from Spain, the United States issued a statement declaring to offer help to the country. While commenting on the terror attack, secretary of state Rex Tillerson said, "Terrorists around the world should know the United States and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice."

1. Amazing City, Amazing People

"My thoughts go out to everyone affected by violence there and elsewhere," one person tweeted.

2. We Don't Fear Terror

Some wrote about not accepting to live in fear.

3. Solidarity From Others

Muslim writer Khaled Beydoun offered his solidarity.

4. No Moral Equivalences

No striking false equivalency between "both sides."

5. Refusing To Succumb

People are sharing photos of famous architecture in Barcelona.

6. We Need More Love

"Don't take anything for granted," one person wrote after the attack.

7. A Call For Unity

Many called for coming together instead of expressing paranoia and hatred.

8. My Favorite City In The World

Others showed their love for the historic city.

9. Prayers

Many sent their prayers and love to Barcelona's people.

10. Stick Together

"Time to be one."

11. Damn Both Domestic And Foreign Terrorists

A condemnation for local and foreign miscreants.

12. Righteous Anger

Some simply let loose.

13. Sports Fan Came Together

A message from Manchester United.

14. Love For Everyone

Constant thoughts for Barcelona.

15. Barcelona Will Be Brave

No giving up.

In spite of the terror attack that took place on Thursday, it seems like the internet is refusing to give into hatred and division.