These Cat Face Towels Will Make Washing Off Your Makeup WAY More Fun

Washing your face in the morning is about to get a whole lot more fun, thanks to the Cat Face Towels from Firebox. You can now solidly ignore that stack of mini towels you reserve to pat down your face, because they're nowhere near as cute as these pet-inspired face towels.

Firebox is an online retailer based in London that is stocked with unusual gifts, home decor, techie gadgets, food, and drink, and you can find a whole bevy of weird and imaginative things while browsing its pages. From a giant unicorn sprinkler, to personalized beer trios, to sassy welcome mats, it has a little bit of everything, and then some.

The cat face towels fit right into its selection, and is the perfect thing for your bathroom if you're a cat lover. A realistic, high quality print, the towels come in four different options, letting you choose the one that best resembles your cat.

"Cleanse your mucky paws with the softest of face towels, thoughtfully crafted to resemble a rather large cat’s face," the product description reads. "Our preferred method is to dampen the whole thing, then slap it on your face so you look like a humanoid cat hybrid person thing. Stunning."

You can choose between a black cat, a black and white cat, a brown and white option, or a ginger one. Each towel is a little over $15, and they are "better than wiping your face on a real cat."

If you're more of a dog lover than a cat fan, then there's an animal towel for you, too. The Dog Face Towels use the same concept as the cat ones, and are also $15. They feature a Bulldog option, a French Bulldog pick, a Golden Retriever, and a Pug.

"Stop wiping your freshly washed face on your actual dog and swap that poor pooch for one of these delightful dog flannels!" the product description reads. "We know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but if your facial hygiene game is a little lax, this might be just the thing to encourage you into a new world of clear skin." One wouldn't be able to wait to wash their face when these cute towels are in their bathroom.

If you want some more cat-related memorabilia in your home, Firebox has plenty of it.

There is the Licki Brush, which lets you lick your cat without having to deal with all of the cat hair. Since they see grooming as a form of social bonding, here is your ticket in to get closer to your cat.

There is also the book entitled Crafting With Cat Hair, which you can then use to come up with ideas on what to make with all that fur caught in your tongue-brush tool.

There is also a Cat-a-pult that you can get, which is a cat themed game where you get to fling kitties around for points.

There are plenty of ways to live out your cat obsession, all starting with a face towel.