All The Signs That Blake Is DEFINITELY Going To Be The Next Bachelor

Paul Hebert/ABC

Blake may be one of the frontrunners during Becca's season of The Bachelorette, but there's no guarantee that the fan favorite will be the last man standing. (Looking at you, Peter!) That means there's a chance Blake won't make it out of this season with the finale rose. But even if that is the case, there are clues that Blake will be the next Bachelor that are sure to make fans excited for the coming year.

He may not get as much face time as some of the other contestants, but Blake has proven to be a standout suitor for Becca thus far. Not only did he receive the very first one-on-one date of the season, but he also helped Becca destroy her past memories with Arie. They literally took a sledge hammer to her past relationship by destroying the very couch Arie sat on when he broke off their engagement. If that doesn't bring a couple closer together, then nothing does. It immediately helped to establish Blake as a top contender, and it's clear Becca enjoys any of the time that they spend together.

But will he be the one who gets down on bended knee during the season finale? That has yet to be determined, but if you look at the various clues throughout the first season, it seems more probable than ever that the show is grooming him to become the next Bachelor, should Becca eventually cut him loose. For example...

1. He's A Top Contender

Normally, in order to be considered for the next Bachelor, a contestant has to make it fairly far into the season. Garrett, Colton, and Blake seem to be among some of Becca's favorites at this point in time, so it would make sense for Blake to one of the few men ABC is thinking about asking to start handing out roses in January.

2. He Wasn't Picked By Jimmy Kimmel To Win

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kimmel has correctly picked The Bachelorette winner four out of the last six seasons. And since his latest pick is Garrett, that leaves the door wide open for Blake to become the next Bachelor this winter.

3. He's Getting The Becca Treatment

Right now it's clear that Blake is beginning to fall hard for Becca. So if she ends up rejecting him later in the season, it'll be a heartbreaking ordeal to witness — fairly similar to how it felt to watch Becca's heart get crushed on-camera. But every heartache comes with a silver lining, which could leave poor Blake open to the idea of finding love again on reality television.

4. The Camera Loves Him

Even before The Bachelorette premiered, Blake found himself as one of the few suitors to meet Becca early. He even showed up in the saddle in the hopes of helping Becca get back on the dating horse, so to speak. So he's already well equipped with the puns the show is known for. He was a standout candidate then, which means he already primed for the full Bachelor treatment.

5. He Passes The Shirtless Test

Paul Hebert/ABC

It is a known fact that if you look good with your shirt off, then chances are you'd make an excellent Bachelor.

6. He's Completely Drama-Free

Paul Hebert/ABC

Many contestants can't help but be roped into the various confrontations that go in the Bachelor mansion. However, Blake has managed to dodge being part of any of the fighting and drama of this season. That could just be a testament to his character. Or it could also mean that he's getting groomed to become the next worthy rose distributor.

Whether he's Becca's choice or ABC's choice, it's clear Blake would make for a great new Bachelor. So while his elimination may be Becca's loss, it could also end up being the fans' gain.