These Disney-Inspired Mani Wraps Will Help You Nail Your Halloween Costume

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy NCLA

Fall is officially here, which means the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume is on. But don't let obsessing over the perfect costume make you forget your mani. Disney and nail polish shop NCLA have teamed up to create nail wraps inspired by some of the most iconic characters. These wraps are the perfect color scheme, trends, and designs all wrapped in one nail product.

Whether you're looking to find the perfect finishing touches on your Halloween look or just adding a festive touch to your everyday outfit, NCLA has you covered. The brand created eight Disney-inspired stick-on nail wraps that will instantly bring any mani to life.

There's a mix of classic villain prints, like Cruella de Vil, Ursela, and Maleficent, and princesses given a Halloween twist to your nails. There's truly something for everyone. All eight of the Disney Nail Wraps are available right now on the shopDisney website. The sweet designs won't be available through the NCLA website at all.

Because the nail company is in a collab with the iconic brand, the prices are a little bit higher than usual. Instead of the usual $16, the Halloween nail wraps are $17.95 each.

According to the website, each one comes with 26 different nail designs and a nail file for simple application. After they're applied, just throw on a top coat and you're good to go. A last minute mani has never been so easy.

Nail Wraps by NCLA, $18, Shop Disney

This is nail art any Disney fanatic can love. But which character to choose? Here's every single one wrap in one place, so you can plan your holiday outfit accordingly.

1. Maleficent Nail Wraps

Maleficent Nail Wraps, $18, Shop Disney

Everything from the colors to the outline of the character captures this villain perfectly. The pack comes with two different designs, so you can mix and match as you please.

2. Evil Queen Nail Wraps

Evil Queen Nail Wraps, $18, Shop Disney

If you can't tell by the updated color scheme, this one is inspired by the Evil Queen. You won't have to ask the mirror, mirror on the wall who's mani is the fairest because everyone will know at first glance.

3. Cruella de Vil Nail Wraps

Cruella de Vil Nail Wraps, $18, Shop Disney

If this villain was around in this decade, this is the exact nail art she would wear. It combines the classic black and white print with her iconic red. Add in a little bit of ombre and you have the perfect style.

4. Snow White Nail Wraps

Snow White Nail Wraps, $18, Shop Disney

Snow White's iconic red, yellow, and blue colors are combining with her bow to make a stunning print. These might be designed for Halloween, but you could easily wear them all year 'round.

5. Ariel Nail Wraps

Ariel Nail Wraps, $18, Shop Disney

This nail art is my personal favorite. The mermaid scales mixed with seashells and even King Triton's sword nails the movie perfectly — pun intended.

6. Sleeping Beauty Nail Wraps

Sleeping Beauty Nail Wraps, $18, Shop Disney

At first glance, these might look like just a bright pink mani, but it's all about Sleeping Beauty. The thorns, rose, and sparkling pink background compliment Aurora's look stunningly.

7. 101 Dalmatians Nail Wraps

101 Dalmatians Nail Wraps, $18, Shop Disney

If you're looking for a more subtle puppy print than the de Vil Wrap, this one is for you. The polka dots and the colors are there, it's just a bit more minimalist.

8. Urusla Nail Wraps

Urusla Nail Wraps, $18, Shop Disney

This nail print let's you take your nail art even deeper under the sea than Ariel's fins can take you. With purple tentacles wrapping around each nail, you can get a full villainous effect.