These Cute Earrings Double As Headphones Because The Future Is Now

by Kali Borovic

You already know the drill. You're on your way to commute to work or head to the gym, and you miraculously can't find your headphones. Well, this startup is trying to solve that problem. Swings Bluetooth Earrings are headphones that you wear on your ears. This is fashion meets function in the most Instagram-worthy way.

Let's get right to the point. The Swings Bluetooth Earrings look just like your typical accessory when they're hanging from ears. Then, you swing them up and into your hears to listen to some music. It's the perfect way to never lose your headphones ever again.

The earrings look like your typical dangle earrings. There's the part that get put on pierced ears with a tiny chain that connects the bottom part — the headphones. The earrings come in gold and white, silver and white, or rose gold and white. You can choose your favorite pairing, so they will match pretty much every outfit that you wear.

The accessories went live on July 11 and raised almost $1,500 in just hours. There are two different designs on Kickstarter to start out. The Swings Bluetooth Earrings are meant to be worn on a day-to-day basis an the Swings Sport are for all the sporty babes out there.

Swings Sport are all black, instead of gold and white. Although you will be able to buy covers for them to change the colors to purple, pink, yellow, or red. Instead of a chain, there's a rod, so that there's a little more stability when you're exercising.

The website doesn't give the measurements of the earrings or how heavy they are. The product description does say that they are lightweight and made for anyone with pierced ears though.

"Designed FOR women BY women, Swings use advanced audio technology while transforming it into wearable art," the Kickstarter website reads. "They are lightweight, comfortable and the sound is amazing. And the best part? THEY WON'T FALL OUT!! Not only does the piercing make it simple to wear Swings, but it also provides stability when they are in use!"

According to the website, they are so comfortable that you can actually sleep in them. You can listen to music as you fall asleep and keep them in your ears to wake up to your own personal alarm.

Each pair of patent-pending earrings has a four hour life span. Although the brand does not note how these earrings charge or where the charger would even fit into the product. Bustle reached out to the brand to get all the details on the Swing Bluetooth Earrings' abilities.

The only catch isn that these won't be available until April 2019. That is, if they reach the goal of $200,000 by Aug. 25. The only way to get your pair ahead of time is to pledge to the brand. There are eight different options for backing the brand. The first is to give a personalized amount, which won't get you a pair of earrings. The others are to donate anywhere form $129 to $349 to get your set.

The Swings Bluetooth Earrings are the very first product from the brand. If this goes well, there's a good chance that even more wearable technology of the kind could be on the way.

Forget everything you know about keeping your headphones safe, because now you'll be able to carry it with you all day long. Jewelry boxes are a great way to store items, but wearing them on your ears is a whole lot more exciting. This is the future of fashion and technology in the best possible way.