You Need These Enchanted Rose Glitters

Yeah, Beauty and the Beast merch is outta control these days. Sure, eyeshadow and glitter tubes in the shape of the Enchanted Rose from the film might not be necessary. But many of us were raised on a love of branded goods — Disney princess colored pencils, Halloween costumes of your favorite Power Ranger — and this kind of thing always been par for the course for many a '90s kid. So with the live action princess revamps appealing to our deepest desire to see things made real, the accompanying urge to live out our favorite movies is back with a vengeance. All of which is to say: these "Enchanted Rose" glitters look friggin' sick.

First noticed by Refinery 29, the glitter tubes from Impulse Cosmetics go above and beyond to fill that Beauty and the Beast makeup-sized hole in your heart. And crucially for any slightly gimmicky good, they're cheap! Very cheap, cashing in at $8.99 for 10 grams of product in each rose-bedecked tube.

Given the price, it's slightly surprising just how all-out gorgeous they are. Each clear tubes is capped in gleaming gold, with a beautifully-cut, garnet-colored rose.

Color-wise, you've got options. The indie brand offers 51 glitters, to be precise, and 74 loose shadows, so there's no wanting for an ideal match. Cosmetic glitters in Allure, a warm gold, and Volatile, a purple-aqua, are especially beautiful (and cruelty-free).

Cosmetic Glitter Eyeshadow in Allure, $3.99,

While Loose Eyeshadows in Terror, a burnished copper, would be on point with the enchanted metal theme.

Impulse Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in Terror, $3.99,

And Silent Night, a black with red, green, and gold shimmer, would look dangerously good distilled in that container.

Impulse Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in Silent Night, $3.99,

Just indicate which glitter or shadow you'd like in the Enchanted Rose Tube, and your wish is their command, to mix fairytale metaphors. The tube is limited edition, so try to quickly make your choice. On brand!

Images: Courtesy of Brand