These 'Game Of Thrones' Street Names Were Inspired By Your Favorite Characters

Macall B. Polay/HBO

For those that thought they were the biggest Game Of Thrones fan in the world, think again. That title now belongs to Jennell Hall, who is by far the most committed to her GOT fandom. See, Hall is using her power to name streets in Idaho after Game Of Thrones characters. Even better, the state is agreeing to many of her choices. Seriously, just give her the Iron Throne right now.

For the first time in the 17 years that she's worked at B&A Engineers, Hall was given complete control over naming streets in a new housing development in Kuna, Idaho and she decided to bring the Seven Kingdoms to this little town outside Boise. "On that subdivision my supervisor just let me go wild, so I did," Hall told BoiseDev. "He now usually gives me a theme to follow... but I'll still sneak in a geeky one here or there."

This time she snuck in a few different geeky references to GOT including streets named Baratheon Ave. and Rickon St., both of which were approved by the local street naming committee. But, look close at the layout for the new development and you'll see she also included 17 Game of Thrones-inspired names including Arya Place, Greyjoy Road, Jorah Ave., Podrick Way, Sansa St., and Tyrion Court. According to Mashable these streets have been approved by the committee, but "there's always a chance that could change as the project progresses."

“In this one I’ve got Game of Thrones, Firefly, I’ve even thrown my son and my husband’s names in there,” Hall told io9. “Basically I’m like, ‘OK I’m a geek, I have a lot of fandom, [and] Game of Thrones is unique enough and big enough.’”

As unique as it is, though, the naming committee has shot down some of her GOT-inspired choices like Baelish Ave., Bronn St., Davos Road, Drogo Road, Lannister Way, Oberyn St., Stark St., and Tarth St. io9 reported that these names were scrapped for "sounding too much like other streets in the area."

Surprising really, since A Song Of Ice And Fire's author George R.R. Martin has chosen rather unique names for his characters. Back in 2015, creator George R.R. Martin explained how he came up with the names for the characters in GOT. And for him, it's all about balancing fantasy with reality, not unlike the series itself.

In an interview for Blinkbox Books, Martin explained that he's always "had 'What To Name Your Baby' books, even though I'd never had a baby," which came in handy. Especially, international copies of those book where he said you can find "cool-sounding names."

What he doesn't use, though, is any of those online fantasy name-generators, which promise to give you the perfect fictional character name. "They all turn out to be 'Grisknuckle,'" Martin said, which is a name he has yet to use for any characters.

Martin did say that his names are inspired by medieval England and he often tweaks the spelling to make them his own. Now, it seems that new parents are making Martin's names their own. Last year,The Independent reported that in 2015, according to the Office of National Statistics, 280 people named their daughter Arya in England and Wales, making it the 192nd most popular name in those countries.

If you needed more proof that the GOT characters makes for good street names, look to Australia. According to The Guardian, a housing development in Victoria also named its streets Stannis, Winterfell, Greyjoy, Baelish, Snow, and Tywin. Unfortunately, Lannaster Road had to be renamed to Precinct Road. “The name was knocked back by the developers next door because of the relationship between the Lannister brother and sister on the show,” the project manager, Gary Smith, told The Guardian. “I even changed the spelling to make it not as obvious.”

Game Of Thrones might be ending next year, but the world will live on. And for those fans who want to live in it, you'll just have to move to Idaho or Australia. The latter being good for those who don't like the Lannisters.