These Massive, Customizable 3-Tier Wedding Cookie Cakes Just Put Regular Cake To Shame

Brides- and grooms-to-be (or owners of envy-worthy wedding Pinterest boards), this whimsical rendition of the traditional white wedding cake is sure to be a hit at your special celebration. FattyCakesNY is home to custom-made giant cookie wedding cakes that can satisfy any craving and style, from fruity to vanilla chocolate-chip. The specialty sweet shop "began in a Brooklyn kitchen in 2009 as an experiment," thanks to inventive founder Jennifer Taylor-Miller. The business was created on Taylor-Miller's mission "to make the strangest, tastiest cookies the world has ever known," and they've more than succeeded. You can find anything from The Maple Bacon Donut Cookie Cake to "The Betty Jo," a signature item featuring red velvet cookies with cream cheese filling, at FattyCakesNY. If you try the treats and fall in love, you might even consider putting one of their delicious cookie cakes front and center at your wedding reception.

FattyCakesNY creations are baked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but can ship nationwide for your nuptials (and for lucky South Floridians, they can even be delivered locally). Unlike some of the imaginative ready-to-buy desserts available for purchase on their website, the wedding cookie cakes are 100 percent customizable. After contacting FattyCakesNY with your wedding order, you can share your tasty vision with their team.

If you don't know where to start, get some inspiration from their fan-favorite #Pick5FattyCake, another build-your-own option from the shop. First, you get to pick your cookie cake base: chocolate chip, peanut butter, triple chocolate, red velvet, or confetti sprinkle. Next, it's time for frosting, where you'll get to choose a salted vanilla (or confetti sprinkle vanilla), chocolate, maple, or peanut butter layer to top your treat. Then, it's time for the best part: Pick 5. You'll select five treats to feature on your cake from an extensive list of options, whether you're in the mood for M&M's, KitKat, Glazed Donut, Nutella, Strawberry Jam, or, hey, even potato chips.

After familiarizing yourself with how to structure the cake, you can decide what you envision for your wedding. Depending on the theme, you might go for something a little wild — take a red velvet Swedish Fish cake, for example — or stick with a classic vanilla, because surprising your guests with a cookie cake is a twist in itself.

If you're loving the idea of having a cookie cake theme on the day you tie the knot, it doesn't have to end with the giant centerpiece dessert. FattyCakesNY also offers adorable cookie-cakes-in-a-jar that are perfect for reception dessert bars or thank-you favors at the end of the day. They come in petite clear jars with classic silver tops, which you can customize with you and your partner's name, a gorgeous color, and a sweet slogan. On the FattyCakesNY site gallery, they even offer a sneak peak of absolutely decadent looking chocolate chip and caramel carrot cookie cake jars. FattyCakesNY also offers these bite-size treats by the dozen in five pre-set flavors if you're dying to try them out first. Seriously, they're almost too cute to eat.

There's a lot to anticipate when it comes to 2018 wedding trends as couples strive to make their celebrations as remarkable as possible, from nontraditional venues like pop-up barns and libraries to statement sleeves on white dresses. Now, it's your turn to be a trendsetter: get your culinary imagination flowing and collaborate with FattyCakesNY to create a head-turning, giant cookie wedding cake that your friends will be posting all over their timelines, your relatives will still ask about the recipe for years later, and most, importantly, will add a truly unique element to your big day.