These Gin & Tonic Eggs Are The Perfect Way To Celebrate Spring FINALLY Arriving

Treat Kitchen

Let’s get real: Spending the holidays with the family or friends can be super stressful, and, for some of us, drinking responsibly may help take the edge off. Also, TBH, a large reason I personally partake in holiday activities is for the potluck style dinners, desserts, and unique cocktails. With Easter just around the corner, who wouldn’t want to combine their favorite chocolatey treats and alcoholic beverages? The Treat Kitchen, a U.K. company that makes candy, chocolates, and baked goodies, has upgraded a traditional holiday treat: the chocolate Easter egg. The company released an adult version of the classic sweet, and introduced Gin and Tonic Easter eggs — just in time for the April holiday.

The gin and tonic Easter egg is made from white chocolate, and a bunch of natural flavors like gin and vanilla. TBH, the yellow egg looks pretty delectable, and is a perfect treat for grown ups who want to enjoy a unique chocolate egg (or two) on Easter. However, if gin and tonics aren’t really your jam, The Treat Kitchen is also selling a pretty, little pink strawberry and prosecco Easter egg, which is also made from white chocolate. Each Easter egg cost 9.95 pounds (roughly 13 U.S. dollars) on The Treat Kitchen’s online shop, but they are pretty hefty in size. Yum!

Additionally, if you want to keep with the cocktail-inspired theme over the holidays, The Treat Kitchen is selling the “Gin and Tonic Easter Egg Pack.” The gift pack includes not only the Easter eggs, but hard candy in a “flask” also flavored like the popular alcoholic beverage. Similarly, they are offering a “Strawberry and Prosecco Easter Egg Pack,” which, of course, also has a flask full of hard candies. These combo packs ring in at 19.95 pounds, which comes out to around 27 U.S. dollars. It may be a little pricey for some, but definitely worth it if either of those drinks are your faves. If you're not a big drinker, the grown up Easter eggs could make a great gift for a family member or friend.

I hate to break the news to U.S. readers, but The Treat Kitchen’s gourmet Easter eggs are unfortunately only available for purchase in the U.K., for the time being. So unless you’re planning a trip to the other side of the pond, you won’t be able to buy the adult eggs. But, before you get too bummed out, there are other ways to satisfy your both your sweet tooth, and cocktail cravings on Easter. If you still want a U.K. treat on the holiday, try making Kinder Egg hot chocolate with a simple recipe — or, if you prefer, spike your Kinder Egg hot chocolate with some Bailey’s. Additionally, if you have any bar tending skills, you could try to make try any of these five (or all five, LOL) cocktail recipes featuring Cadbury creme eggs.

If you aren’t a fan of Easter chocolate, you can make a fruitier, Easter-themed drink, like this gin cocktail made with Peeps and jelly beans. Wait, do people actually like Peeps? Either way, there are a tons of recipes online to utilize your favorite candies in cocktails, while keeping to the Easter theme.

If you ask me, I’d hazard to bet The Treat Kitchen’s gin and tonic Easter egg — as well as their strawberry and prosecco egg — will likely become a holiday staple for some people. The alcohol-flavored chocolate eggs look pretty delicious, and they offer a fun new twist on an Easter favorite. So, if you are in the U.K., give one of these adult eggs a try!