These Glam Goth Glitter Pigments Are Ridiculously Pigmented — & They're Only $8

If you have noticed there being an uptick in glitter lovin' recently, then you're not alone. More and more beauty brands are infusing their collections with shimmer, whether that be adding illuminizers to their face creams, offering loose pigments in lieu of eyeshadows, or sparkle-packing their lip gloss to create a duo-chrome effect on our pouts. But while this is all very fun to play with, the problem is that shimmer also has a tendency to be expensive. Glitter isn't always affordable, and that makes it hard to join in when you're a makeup lover on a budget. But luckily, Glam Goth is here to help. Glam Goth's Love & Despair Collection provides you with a range of pigment-packed glitters for a fraction of the usual cost.

Glam Goth is a small indie makeup brand that is cruelty-free and specializes in all things glitter. If you want to add a heavy dose of sparkle to your makeup routine, this is the place to go. At the moment their Love & Despair collection is the only thing that they're offering, but you won't be disappointed with the minimalist amount of options. The collection comes in six different shades, and you can either buy them separately or in a bundle deal. The price is what makes it truly special. Each individual pot is only $8, or you can get all six for just $40.

The collection is their first one for 2018, and it comes with innovations: The pigments are now packaged in new and improved spill-proof diamond packaging. They have listened to their customers' feedback and have created pots that will better hold all that shimmer.

The collection itself is inspired by the joy and anguish of being in love, and it's broken up into two distinct feelings: Love and despair. On the "love" side we have the shades Erotic, which is an electric purple; Amoureux, which is a pink glimmer; and Toxic, which is a bright yellow.

On the "despair" side we have Blue Valentine, which is a dark navy; Agony, which is a shimmering maroon; and Jealousy, which is a neon yellow and black hybrid. Below is a closer break down of each shade.


Glam Goth

"Whether you’re hopelessly in love or stupid with love, you’re somebody's Amoureux," the product description reads. This iridescent pink glitter also gives off sparks of purple depending how the light catches your makeup, giving it a fairy tale like vibe.


Glam Goth

This electric purple hue also contains iridescent shades of lavender and periwinkle to give the pigment more dimension.


Glam Goth

"They love me, they love me not. Depending on the day of the week, love can be soft, dangerous, or maybe just Toxic," the description reads, capturing the mood of the neon color perfectly. Boasting hints of green and gold, this will create a truly memorable makeup look.


Glam Goth

"For when your heart is shattered into a million pieces but you still wanna look like a sex kitten," Glam Goth wrote. Swipe on this cherry red with gold flecks for when you're feeling moody and dangerous.

Blue Valentine

Glam Goth

Inspired by the iconic love/thriller movie "Blue Velvet," which revolves around a mysterious nightclub singer and a group of psychopathic criminals, this pigment uses several different shades of blue and red to create a deep and layered hue.


Glam Goth

Not only does this pigment combine neon yellow and black for an amazingly aggressive shade, but it's also blacklight activated "for when you’re stalking your ex in the club... or whatever."

These glitters are only available for as long as supplies last, so if any of them catch your eye make sure you don't take too long to snap them up. It's not everyday you find such affordable shimmer pots.